STARLINO Rosso (Red Vermouth) is made from a blend of Italian white wine, Sicilian Ansonica and Cataratto wines, and Marsala Wine. This is then blended with a selection of botanicals including Wormwood, bitter orange, and cloves. The Red Vermouth is then aged in Bourbon Barrels for six months and this gives it a super-rich, spicy, vanilla flavor – perfect for a Negroni.

“What better way to enjoy this quintessentially Italian cocktail than made with a Vermouth distilled in our family distillery, here at Torino Distillati. Torino is the birth-place of Vermouth, one of the three essential ingredients in a Negroni, and with over 100 years of experience making delicious Vermouths, we are very proud to have created the new Hotel STARLINO range.”  Beppe Ronco, Master Distiller
This Negroni couldn’t be easier to produce at home!
25ml Starlino Rosso
25ml Campari
25ml Gin
Orange peel to garnish
Maraschino cherry to garnish

Add 25ml Starlino Rosso, 25ml Campari, and 25ml Gin to your favorite Old Fashioned glass (look professional with this Cocktail Set)
Simply stir together and serve with a twist of fresh orange peel and a maraschino cherry.
Sit back and enjoy it!