As February unfurls its romantic spell, love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate the season of passion than with meticulously crafted cocktails that are as enchanting as the occasion itself? Because, in the end, Valentine’s Day is not just about the exchange of gifts or the grand gestures; it’s about the shared moments, the stolen glances, and the quiet conversations that unfold over clinking glasses. It’s an opportunity to pause, savor the present, and revel in the joy of being together. We’ve put together ten amazing cocktails that will fill your glasses with not just spirits but the essence of connection and the joy of togetherness.

Love Potion Valentine's Day cocktail

1. Love Potion by The Grand Ho Tram

50ml vodka
10ml creme de cassis,
10ml strawberry puree
20ml lime juice
20 ml passion fruit juice

Method:  Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain over fresh ice in a glass. Garnish with rosemary and serve!

Aratini by Pemako, Valentine's Day Cocktail

2. Aratini by Pemako

Ara is a traditional beverage of Bhutan, a distilled spirit made from grains like rice, barley, or millet. The production of Ara is a traditional craft passed down through generations and is an essential part of the culture. Aratini is a refined concoction of the traditional and contemporary.

45ml Local Ara
1/2 oz (15 ml) Dry Vermouth
15ml Cherry Brandy
Ice cubes
Lemon twist or olive, for garnish

Method: Place the Martini glass in the freezer or fill it with ice water to chill while you prepare the cocktail. Fill the mixing glass with ice cubes to chill the ingredients. Pour the local area and dry vermouth into the mixing glass. Stir the Aratini to maintain a clear and silky texture for about 15 to 30 seconds. Strain the mixture into the chilled glass. Garnish with lemon cubes or olive. The classic Aratini is ready to be enjoyed!

Valentine's Day Cocktail Le Tout Paris Wedding Planner @Clemence-Sahuc
Valentine’s Day Cocktail Le Tout Paris Wedding Planner @Clemence-Sahuc

3. Wedding Planner by Cheval Blanc Paris

40g of Champagne
15 ml Amaro Nonino
10 ml Homemade Raspberry Syrup
0.63 ml Absinthe
40 ml Gin
2.5 ml Peach Cream

Method: Weigh out 40g of Champagne in a glass. Combine the remaining ingredients in a shaker. Add 5 ice cubes. Shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Strain using an ice-cube strainer and a fine strainer directly into the glass. Squeeze a lemon peel over the glass. Enjoy!

First Love by The Claridges Valentines' Day Cocktail

4. First Love by The Claridges

Gin 50 ml
Fresh Raspberry puree 30 ml
Martini Bianco 10 ml
Lime Juice 15 ml
Sugar Syrup 5 ml
Foaming agent to layer

Method: Prepare garnish and set up the service glass. Measure all the ingredients into the Boston shaker, fill it with cubed ice, and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Strain the mixture and perform a dry shake. Dip taste and strain the cocktail into the chilled Coupe glass. Garnish with dried rose flower powder and serve.

Le Bistrol Paris Claire Cocano Haru Old Fashion Valentine's Day cocktail
Le Bistrol Paris Claire Cocano Haru Old Fashion Valentine’s Day cocktail

5. Signature Old Fashioned by Le Bristol

10 ml Maple Syrup
A Few Drops of Fee Brothers Whisky Barrel Bitters
50 ml Bourbon Infused with Coffee Beans [To prepare the bourbon infusion, simply add around 20 coffee beans to a bottle of good bourbon. Let it rest for a day, then filter it. Your infusion will be ready to use.]
Coffee Beans (for garnish)
Orange Peel (for garnish)

Method: In an old-fashioned glass, pour the maple syrup and add a few drops of Fee Brothers Whisky Barrel Bitters. Fill half of the glass with ice cubes. Pour in half of the measured bourbon infused with coffee beans. Stir gently. Add a few more ice cubes to the glass. Pour in the remaining bourbon infused with coffee beans. Stir gently again to mix. Garnish with a few coffee beans and a twist of orange peel. Enjoy your delicious cocktail!

Boadas by Capella Bangkok Valentines' Day cocktail
Boadas by Capella Bangkok Valentine’s Day cocktail

6. Boadas by Capella Bangkok

200 gm Pandan
200 ml Jasmine Syrup
10 pinches Salt
300 ml Japanese Sake
200 ml Yuzu Liqueur
200 ml Coconut Oil
200 ml Melted Butter
200 ml Coconut Milk
10-gram Malic acid
450 ml Matusalem White Rum
*The recipe is subject to 12 glasses

Method: Combine all ingredients except jasmine syrup, Japanese sake, and yuzu liqueur in a vacuum bag and sous-vide at 70C for three hours. Let it cool down and put it in the freezer for 12 hours. Then fine strain the batch and mix jasmine syrup, Japanese Sake, and Yuzu liqueur into a batch. Add 10 grams of malic acid into the batch and stir to mix. Serve the drink, pour 95 ml of the batch into a shaker, and throw to chill and dilute. Serve in a rock glass with one ice cube and garnish with coconut milk and pandan jelly.

Love Potion - Ras Al Khaimah

7. Love Potion by Movenpick Resort

As the celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world, this drink embodies simplicity yet bursts with color and flavor, taking you back to the origin of compassion and love.

3 pieces of Raspberry (muddled)
15ml Aperol
30ml Fresh pineapple juice
30ml Sweet & sour mix
45ml Pink gin

Method: Muddle and shaken Glass: Sherry 20cl Process: Muddle the raspberry with pink gin and Aperol. Then add the rest of the ingredients and shake vigorously. Pour into the apple, cherry-smoked glass with one whole ice cube. This Love Potion cocktail is a delightful blend of fruity sweetness and a touch of bitterness, perfect for stirring feelings of romance and affection. Sip and savor the flavors of love with every delightful sip.

Ultima Secret Valentines' Day cocktail

8. Ultima secret by Ultima Chourchevel

This cocktail was created to add a sweet touch to a romantic aperitif. It mixes an ancestral French spirit: chartreuse, which contains more than 130 plants. It is both delicious and elegant. Its red robe is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

1 oz Vodka belvedere
0.5 oz Chartreuse Jaune
1 oz Raspberry purée
0.5 oz Lime juice
1 pcs Egg white
Sugar syrup
3 drops Cranberry bitter

MethodAdd the vodka, chartreuse, raspberry puree, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and egg white inside the shaker. Shake the mixture vigorously. Add ice cubes to the shaker. Shake vigorously a second time. Pour the mixture into the glass using a strainer and another small strainer to obtain a beautiful pink foam. Add the three drops of bitters to the middle of the foam. You can enjoy this delicious cocktail

Le Soyokaze Valentines Day cocktail

9. Le Soyokaze by Kinugawa Courchevel

Served in elegant glasses, Soyokaze Hanami embodies contemporary elegance and culinary creativity, offering an unforgettable sensory experience. This cocktail will be the ideal partner for a romantic evening, enveloping guests in a warm, seductive atmosphere worthy of a romantic getaway to Courchevel.

60 ml thyme-infused White Martini
20 ml Cointreau
15 ml fresh lemon juice
10 ml homemade hibiscus syrup

Method: 1 egg white – Dry shake (shake dry, without ice) to create a nice foam with the egg white Then add ice cubes and shake again to chill the cocktail while maintaining its creamy texture Strain and serve in an appropriate glass.

Love Don't Be Shy Valentines' Day cocktail

10. Love Don’t Be Shy by Les Grandes Alpes

Maison Kilian proposed to Chef Wahid to offer perfume samples in crystal vials selected by the chef at the end of his guests’ meal, including the perfume “Love Don’t Be Shy” by Kilian Paris (but there are others).

1.5 oz Hendrick gin infused into marshmallow
0.5 oz Bergamot juice
1 oz Orange blossom honey and rose de mai hydrolat
1.5 oz Egg white infused into the Neroli essential oil

MethodMelt marshmallows with water in a bowl in a water bath, then mix with gin to prepare a gin infused with the marshmallows. Mix egg white with Neroli essential oil to infuse it. Mix gin with orange blossom honey and muddle for 1 minute. Add all the ingredients, stir for 30 seconds, and double-strain into the champagne glass over fresh ice.