Introducing the island’s most talented chef, Santi Taura – a culinary master with nearly 30 years of experience. Discover one of his exquisite recipes, Panades de Peix Roquer. Prepare to be amazed! | Photo by Chef Santi Taura


  • 60g milk
  • 60g sunflower oil
  • 180g pastry flour (approx)


  1. 25g base
  2. 10g pastry for the top part


  • 33g parsley
  • 175g chard
  • 0.5kg boneless rockfish
  • 58g virgin olive oil
  • 5g paprika ‘tap de cortir’
  • 7g salt
  • 1g pepper
  • 11g garlic
  • 1g chili
  • 6.5g dashi powder
  • 5g water


  1. 80g stuffing

Makes approximately 9 empanadas

Cooking from frozen
Time 15-18min
Temperature 210º