You don’t need to splurge to show your loved ones you care, but if you are looking to spend a little extra cash this holiday season, there are lots of cool, luxurious gifts you can buy. From the latest tech gadgets to unique, custom pieces for the home, check out these luxury gift ideas.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation is the perfect luxury gift idea

Smart Home Device

Who doesn’t wish they could see who’s at the door when they’re not home, or get an instant text message if your appliances start to break down? Smart home technology has evolved to do exactly that. You can get smart appliances like fridges or washers and dryers, a smart doorbell, a smart thermostat, and even smart light bulbs! Tie it all together with a device like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Nest Scented Candles is the perfect luxury gift idea

Scented Candles

Sure, you can get a scented candle for cheap at the mall, but why not splurge and pick up something truly decadent? High-end brands like Nest and Diptyque have a cult following thanks to their rich fragrances in unique scents like myrrh or bamboo. If a three-wick candle doesn’t seem quite right, try picking up a diffuser and set of fragrances for your loved one to enjoy.

gemstones is the luxury gift ideas


Crystals and gemstones have been having a moment lately, and while their healing powers may be dubious, their beauty and style are undisputed. You can shop for rare items like rhodochrosite or tanzanite, or play it safe and give the gift of amethyst. Since amethysts are striking in color and sparkle, and come in a variety of sizes, they are a sure hit with for any amateur collector.

Gravity Blankes, a perfect luxury gift idea

Weighted Blanket

Everyone deserves the gift of a good night’s sleep. Weighted blankets have exploded in popularity over the past few years, thanks to brands like Gravity Blankets. These blankets had been well-loved by those with special needs like autism for their calming qualities and ability to cause a more restful night’s sleep.

Alcoholic Advent Calendar is the perfect luxury gift idea

Alcoholic Advent Calendar

This might not be the gift you want under the tree, but it’s the perfect gift to give to someone during the lead up to the holidays. Boozy advent calendars are a grown-up take on the childhood favorite. You can pick up one that comes with twenty-four mini-bottles of wine, whiskey or gin, or full-sized cans of beer. Bottoms up!

IPhone 11 Pro Max Space Select, a perfect luxury gift

The Latest iPhone

Let’s face it — everyone wants to upgrade to the newest iPhone as soon as possible. Sorry Android users, you know it’s true. The latest iPhone has a powerful processor, better battery life, and one of the best cameras you could get in a smartphone! It’s the perfect gift for anyone in your life; from the techie to the amateur photographer to a family member, you’d like to stay in touch with more.

Globe Trotter luggage is the perfect gift idea

New Luggage

Shopping for someone who has a big trip coming up, or travels for work a lot? A new suitcase or luggage set is a thoughtful gift, and splurging for a top of the line brand can gift them a luggage set that truly lasts. Away’s set comes in many different colors of polycarbonate and even contains a built-in phone charger.

On the other end of the spectrum, classic brand Globe-Trotter was beloved by icons like Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth and had a distinguished look about it. Whether your traveler prefers an old or new school look, there’s a stylish option that will work for them.

The Saatchi Gallery

Original Artwork

Art is always a great gift because it’s unique and personal. When you take the time to select a piece of art for someone, it indeed shows how much you care. You can find pieces from many different contemporary artists by checking out local art galleries or browsing online marketplaces like Saatchi.

What do you think of our luxury gift ideas? Are you already feeling inspired to do some holiday shopping? We truly hope so! Let us know what you got for your family and loved ones, and how excited they were opening their presents this year.