It’s official: we’re obsessed. Genesis finally took to the Texas Hill Country (via Austin Proper Hotel) to showcase its luxury new EV. The GV60 was originally unveiled last fall: the brand’s first dedicated electric vehicle, marking its journey towards electrification. Designed with both sustainability and performance in mind, what strikes is its innovative technologies. They’re a cut above anything else on the market. Upscale Living did a test drive and here’s why the GV60 impressed.

  • The car can be unlocked with your face

The standout feature is something no vehicle in the world can boast: the GV60 has Face Connect. No key is required. Drivers need only to touch the door handle and show their faces to the camera on the car’s B-pillar to gain access. This feature uses a Near Infra-Red (NIR) camera to provide accurate facial recognition no matter the lighting or weather. Two faces can be registered.

  • It uses a quick and easy two-step authentication

For those wondering about security when it comes to an intruder carrying a scale-sized mask (or if the said intruder is an identical twin), GV60 uses a two-step system, which is as easy as turning on an engine with a key. There’s a Fingerprint Authentication System that users need to start the car, offering an authentication function for in-car payments and the release of Valet Mode.

beautiful green Genesis

  • The car personalizes while you unlock

With Face Connect, the Head-Up-Display (HUD), driver’s seat, steering wheel, side mirrors, and infotainment settings can be adjusted based on customized settings. It can be automatically connected to individual driver profiles, so as soon as you step up to the car, you’re recognized, and the vehicle falls into your comfort settings.

  • It’s made with a slew of eco-friendly parts

To make the GV60 more sustainable, a number of its parts are created with eco-friendly and recycled materials. For example, the seats, door armrests, console armrests, and crash pads are made with plant-based leather (which is luxe to feel). The seat covers and door center trims feature fabrics made with yarns extracted from recycled PET bottles and fishnets. 

  • You can charge up in just 18 minutes

When charging at 350kW with the ultra-speed charging function, the battery can be charged from 10 percent to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. When you’re low on a road trip, you can simply park your car at a charging station, head to the bathroom and pick up some coffee or snacks, and return to an 80 percent charged car. This is enough to take you a couple of hundred miles (a full-charged GV60 can run for up to 280 miles).

a line of new Genesis

  • Speaking of charging, you’ll never run out of juice for anything else

The charging capabilities within the vehicle are more comprehensive than anything we’ve ever seen. There’s a wireless charging component behind the floating center console, with a cooling system so that your smartphone doesn’t overheat. There are four USB C-ports, and charging ports for the backseat passengers. The whole family can plug in their devices, and when parked at a camping site you can even power up appliances like coffee machines and kettles. 

  • The sound system is Bang & Olufsen perfection

Genesis collaborated with renowned luxury Danish audio company, Bang & Olufsen, on the GV60. Using Bang & Olufsen’s dedicated sound control interface, drivers and passengers can choose a sound mix for specific atmospheres encompassing four ‘moods’ (Relax, Energetic, Bright, and Warm). The 17 speakers complete the premium audio system. The aluminum grille that features Genesis’ G-Matrix pattern emphasizes the vehicle’s sophisticated design and maximizes the sense of luxury. Connect your phone via Bluetooth or cable to play your road trip soundtrack with ease.

  • Everyone can enjoy extra space

The GV60 is surprisingly spacious all-around. The functional interior space takes on Genesis’ design ethos of the ‘Beauty of White Space’ while seeking to create a spacious and comfortable interior. At the same time, its floating architecture and unique details combine to create a unique look. Even at the back, passengers can nod off thanks to a more roomy floor surface and pull-up mesh blinds at both back windows.

the inside of a Genesis

  • There’s exquisite mood lighting

The Crystal Sphere (situated on the floating console) enables an emotional connection between the driver and the vehicle. When the vehicle is turned off, the Crystal Sphere becomes the vehicle’s mood lights. When the vehicle is ready to drive, the sphere rotates and the Shift By Wire (SBW) appears, creating an indoor atmosphere of futuristic mobility. Either way, expect a harmonious in-vehicle experience with the Crystal Sphere.

  • The Hanauma Mint color is a breath of fresh air

The GV60 is available in a total of 11 colors, including four new colors: São Paulo Lime, Hanauma Mint, Atacama Copper, and Atacama Copper Matte. Hanauma Mint is a color that emphasizes eco-friendliness. It’s most definitely a tone that’ll stand out in the parking lot.

For more information visit The GV60 is available in two configurations and starts at an MSRP of $58,890. Images courtesy of Genesis Motor North America