Putting a loved one in a nursing home is a big decision that is often made with a lot of emotion. Making sure they are comfortable, safe, and feel like they know what to expect in this new chapter becomes very important. This guide delves into the essentials, presenting seven crucial things to have in nursing homes for your loved ones. 

1. Digital Photo Albums 

Bringing digital photo albums to nursing homes can be a sweet way to show your loved ones how much you care. These albums store photos digitally, so it is easy for family members to look through them and remember people, places, and special events. 

2. Piece of Furniture

It might help your loved one to have a familiar piece of furniture with them when they go to the nursing home. As it turns out, bringing homemade furniture into their new place of living makes it feel more like home. 

When choosing a piece of furniture, think about what your loved one enjoys – perhaps a favorite chair for reading or a bedside table for personal items. 

3. Warm Blanket

Sometimes, nursing homes are cold, so a soft, warm blanket can make a big difference. This simple addition can make your loved one feel safe and warm, making the space comfortable and familiar. 

4. CD Player 

In a nursing home room, a CD player can be a nice touch. Your loved one can listen to their favorite music or audio recordings that are very important to them. 

One of the best things about music is that it can make you happy and bring back memories. That being said, you can even help them put together a CD collection of their favorite songs or even family messages.  

5. Bible or Other Item with Spiritual Significance

Including a Bible or another item with spiritual meaning in your loved one’s nursing home room can provide comfort and a sense of connection to their faith. These kinds of things can be used for personal thought, prayer, or to find strength when things are hard. 

6. Items of Personal Achievement

Bringing things into the nursing home that remind your loved one of things they have done well can make them feel proud and give them motivation. This could include certificates, medals, or awards they’ve received. 

As a matter of fact, displaying these accomplishments on a small board or wall can serve as a visual reminder of their capabilities and the successes they’ve experienced. It not only adds a personal touch to their living space but also contributes to a positive and uplifting atmosphere. 

7. Art, Crafts, or Supplies

If you put arts and crafts supplies or other creative things in your loved one’s nursing home room, they can be more creative and happy. For many people, art is more than just making something pretty. It is a way to express themselves and have fun. Consider providing sketchbooks, colored pencils, or simple crafts like knitting materials. Engaging in art activities can be a therapeutic and enjoyable outlet.

Protect the Well-Being of Your Loved Ones

From familiar furniture to spiritual symbols and reminders of personal achievements, these simple additions can make a significant difference in creating a comforting and personalized environment. 

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