After over a century of delivering luxury vehicles, Cadillac introduces its first all-electric vehicle, LYRIQ. The dynamic, modern, and fully electric luxury crossover combines zero-tailpipe-emissions performance with the brands’ industry-leading luxury and technology. Marking the beginning of a new chapter for the brand, “led by LYRIQ, Cadillac will redefine American luxury over the next decade with a new portfolio of transformative EVs,” said Steve Carlisle, executive vice president and president, GM North America.

Cadillac introduces its first all-electric vehicle, LYRIQ.
Based on GM’s next-generation, modular electric vehicle platform and driven by the Ultium propulsion system (which provides a variety of range and performance options), LYRIQ will deliver thrilling performance and a new threshold in technology integration. Designed to offer beyond 300 miles of range on a full charge, “LYRIQ was conceived to make every journey exhilarating and leverages more than a century of innovation to drive the brand into a new era while rewarding passengers with a more personal, connected and immersive experience,” said Jamie Brewer, Cadillac LYRIQ chief engineer.

Cadillac introduces its first all-electric vehicle, LYRIQ.

The revolutionary vehicle also addresses sound, the key to its name, in two ways by blocking exterior sound and making the most of wanted sounds. Cadillac’s new road noise cancellation technology, combined with its exclusive partnership with AKG, delivers an exceptionally crisp and precise sound reproduction from its 19-speaker AKG Studio audio system.

Cadillac introduces its first all-electric vehicle, LYRIQ.
A few of many features include:

  • Super Cruise, the industry’s first truly hands-free driver assistance feature
  • Varying charging options for the home, workplace and the road
  • Rear-wheel drive and performance all-wheel-drive configurations
  • Dual-plane augmented reality-enhanced head-up display and remote self-parking
  • 33- inch-diagonal advanced LED screen the spans the entire viewing area of the driver

Due to its modular EV platform (lower center of gravity and near 50/50 weight distribution), LYRIQ boasts an optimized design that supports a greater driving range, an engaging driving experience, and a new interpretation of passenger space. Its Ultium battery system offers approximately 100 kilowatt-hours of energy and is packaged large, flat pouch cells that enable smart module construction.

Cadillac is also proud that LYRIQ presents a partnership both simultaneously energizing and artful with the driver and passengers. This is first shown by a ‘greeting’ (a choreographed lighting sequence) when the driver, which LYRIQ distinctly recognizes, approaches the vehicle. Top that with Cadillac’s highest level of driver information, infotainment, and connectivity integration, which include: battery and charging monitoring, new dual-plane augmented reality-enhanced head-up display, supervised remote parking and the latest version of Super Cruise.

Cadillac introduces its first all-electric vehicle, LYRIQ.

LYRIQ is assertive and modern, characterized by a low, fast roofline and a distinctive “black crystal” grille in the front. Its airy and minimalistic interior offers exceptional functionality when it comes to storage solutions. “The LYRIQ represents the next iteration of the iconic brand’s styling, enabled by electrification, as only Cadillac can express,” said Andrew Smith, executive director, Global Cadillac Design. “Inside and out, LYRIQ is a thoughtful integration of design and technology and is intended to make every drive an occasion.”

Cadillac has not shared the starting price of the vehicle as it’s still in the product development phase. Still, it is determined to continually improve in material and manufacturing costs, which will give them an advantage in the luxury EV market. The LYRIQ will go into production in 2022.