Lori Morris, Redefining Luxury Living with 200 Russell Hill, the hottest residence in Toronto

Working with renowned developer Simon Hirsh, Toronto-based international design powerhouse Lori Morris is bringing her vision to life with a twenty-two suite sanctuary in Toronto’s Forest Hill. Set to open its doors in Fall 2018, each suite in 200 Russell Hill will set a new standard for urban living, showcasing sophisticated, functional and stunning interiors featuring signature LMD touches.

We, at Upscale Living Magazine, asked Lori about this endeavor and about transforming clients’ dreams into reality.

200 Russell Hill

What was your vision for 200 Russell Hill?

My vision was to design unique spaces that are not just pleasing to the eye, but also functional. The atmosphere we created is luxury hotel-inspired living that has the intimacy and attention-to-detail of a private residential space. I went for a “sexy lounge” style, which is very French, sophisticated, and layered with intricate details. To create this feeling, I decided to use the black and white color palette with accents of black lacquer, metal brass detailing and deco-inspired furniture and finishes. Very LMD and very timeless. With this project, I had the freedom to design a space that brings together traditional and modern elements. Within each suite buyers will be able to choose between a modern and traditional classic kitchen. Both options are stunning and layered with luxurious custom details.

200 Russell Hill

What was your inspiration behind 200 Russell Hill?
I was inspired by the stunning location in Toronto’s Forest Hill area. Its tranquility was perfect for a French-inspired urban residence. The new 200 Russell Hill will be overlooking the Nordheimer Ravine with a gorgeous unobstructed view that transports you out of the city. This feeling is also transitioned into the suites. Spacious, sophisticated and deco-inspired, all units at 200 Russell Hill will set a new standard for urban luxury living. I love having the freedom to translate the client’s personality into a space and exceed expectations.

Lori Morris 200 Russel Hill

What about the design of the amenities in the residence?
Julie Ballard, Creative Director at the House of LMD and I worked together to design beyond the residences, detailing the stunning amenity spaces. For example, we created a wine lounge, where residents could relax in a private atmosphere and not feel like they are in a condo lobby.

The foyer was designed to emphasize an art deco façade with high polished floors and brass detailing, while showing off incredible views of the park. And all these elements transition into the suites. LMD at its best.

200 Russell Hill Exterior