The hottest drink out there is. At 50,000 Scovilles, the UK’s Hot Enough Company’s Naga Chilli Vodka is made from the infamously hot Naga Jolokia or Ghost chili from Myanmar and Assam.

A true winter warmer, a different St Valentine’s present, a very memorable birthday present or unusual April Fool’s gift, the what grain vodka can be drunk as a dare, part of an initiation ceremony, a punishment or very carefully and sparingly socially. Naga Joloki or Bhut chilies are as hot as Scorpion and Viper chilies. And even the Carolinian  Reaper. Tabasco’s hottest is for sissies. The hottest vodka on the planet comes in at 500.00 Scovilles.

When purchasing a bottle of the sweet and fruit almost bourbon-like, a uniquely-labeled beverage which can reduce grown men (and women ) to tears, loud silence and hiccups,  drinkers are asked to drink responsibly and that if they give it as a present, the recipient must be made aware of the health risks involved.  The purchase also has to state that he or she is not intoxicated or of unsound mind and fully able to make a rational decision to purchase this product.

Ghost chilies are used as elephant repellants and by the Indian Army in its tear gas grenades To flush out the enemy from their hiding places.