Singer has revealed its most striking creation yet and this time it is a riot of cuts and creases along with a spoiler. The California-based luxury specialist is known to reimagine Porsches with each car trying to outdo the last one. The Dynamics & Lightweighting Study (DLS) is a wild supercar and leaves behind the traditional Porsche design ethos for a much more aggressive look. DLS Turbo restoration services are all about the 934/5 endurance racers of the 1970s. In the year that Singer is going racing with the latest turbocharged Porsche endurance race car, the Type 963, this celebration of racing DNA brings together the past as well as the present. The history behind the 911 is significant since it began as a naturally aspirated car while in the mid-1970s, the turbocharged 911 came in and had an equally exciting evolution. In 1977 this led to a racing variant of the 911, known as the Type 934/5, which dominated the SCCA Trans-American series, winning 6 of the 8 races and the championship.

Singer DLS Turbo sideRob Dickinson, Executive Chairman, and Founder, of Singer Group, Inc. explain: “I was 12 when my father’s friend showed us his Super 8 film of the 1977 Watkins Glen 6 Hours. As the familiar face of a Porsche 911 morphed into impossibly boxed hips, gaping intakes, and a giant double-planed rear wing, I can still remember the shock and the realization that this was the other life of the 911 – the racing car. Since Singer began, I have wanted to return to that moment, collaborate with our clients and celebrate that car – the 934/5.”

For this new car, the owner of a Type 964 Porsche 911 had sent their car to Singer with a full restoration in mind. Hence, the interior is removed, as is the exterior bodywork and all mechanical components, until the steel monocoque (chassis) is revealed. The chassis is painstakingly assessed, cleaned, strengthened, and prepared so that it is in optimal condition for the next stages of restoration. Then, modified carbon fiber bodywork is added which brings in lightness plus bringing in added stiffness too.

Singer DLS Turbo insideA lot of that wild shape is also influenced by aerodynamic performance. A central front intake and hood vent optimize cooling performance, while rear fender intakes and NACA ducts aid brake and turbocharger cooling. The color of this car is in Blood Orange which has been specified by its owner. Then you get a high-downforce rear wing with an adjustable upper element and a track-oriented front fascia with a larger splitter. The car in Moet Blanc has been specified by its owner to be road-focused, including an aero-optimized rear ducktail spoiler and road-oriented front fascia which reduce drag.

Owners may request that their Type 964 is modified to accept both aero configurations. The front fascia and rear decklid assembly can be removed and switched, allowing ultimate personalization and freedom of choice for each owner. Like always, the engine from the owner’s Type 964 Porsche 911 is disassembled down to the engine block before being restored using various modifications.

Singer DLS Turbo ENGINEThe 3.8L, 4-valves-per-cylinder flat-six uses twin turbochargers, electric wastegates, an air-to-water intercooler, and a horizontally mounted, electrically powered fan. This means for the DLS restorations, the power outputs are over 700 HP at more than 9000 rpm. It is also an analog car with a 6-speed manual transmission which sends power to the rear wheels. Track-oriented suspension and bespoke dampers with remote adjustment are also added to the mix. Finally, carbon ceramic discs and lightweight, monobloc calipers for both road and track use are installed. Then a closer look shows the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 or Cup 2R tires which are mounted on lightweight 19” (front) and 20” (rear) forged magnesium, center lock wheels.

Of course, owners can specially personalize their cars with bespoke paints and finishes while prices are bound to be north of $1.8 million.

Cars like these are bespoke and compete with other hypercars while the personalization attracts buyers along with the unique packaging and rarity. Singer cars have also inspired other companies to enter the Porsche restomod scene and more are also being added with flouring demand all over the world for these beautiful cars.