The extremely rare Porsche 356 America Roadster parked up outside as it was ranked as one of the rarest Porsche factory models on November 15, 2016, in Porsche Museum, Stuttgart.
PORSCHE has opened the vaults of its amazing museum to reveal five rare and unique production models from its collection in the first episode of a weekly YouTube series.

In the depths of the top-secret Porsche Museum warehouse in Stuttgart, Dieter Landenberger (Head of Historical Archive) showcased the incredible cars and their exquisite features.
Built-in 1953, the 356 America Roadster leads the way as one of the rarest Porsche factory models – with only 16 of its kind ever built, RM Sotheby’s estimates the current worth of the car to be approximately $638,050 (£511,873).
Displaying the poise and power of this iconic brand, the other rare Porsche models on the list included the 911 SC/RS, the 911 GT1, the 924 Carrera GTS and the 964 Turbo S.