Meet a superyacht that does not subscribe to the norm and changes the design ethos of traditional yacht design. Design house LDWO has come up with these renderings for a new 59-metre superyacht concept aStøne and it is a mix of radical design cues along with architectural undertone. Made in 3D form with the Sculpture Garden concept, the aStøne yacht looks radical and is rich in detailing. This yacht has a 499GT, which brings in stability and security during long-haul voyages. There is a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces along with architectural details along with lack of barriers.

59 superyacht concept aStone

Inside, it is light and airy with natural materials plus light-toned woods, textured stones, and rugged metals. The amalgamation of colors plus the shapes/sizes are all unique while the focus was on creating more open spaces. Our favorite highlight of the design includes the Magenta colored hues draped over some of the crucial structural elements. This adds more flavor to the design and stands out amongst the smooth detailing. Other aesthetic details include a massive pool plus sun pads as well. There are also seasonal plants that add to the look.

The Astne superyacht concept boasts super sleep profile with magenta structural elements

As mentioned earlier, there are hardly any barriers which increases the airy feeling and being connected to the sea. The 3D shape is different and streamlined while the focus is on this yacht being developed for large distances. There is a neat mix of traditional luxury elements and new-age detailing especially with the interplay with the flooring to the other elements. The superstructure is made from aluminum and it is also carved out of stainless steel. Overall, this Italian Studio has designed a different-looking yacht and one that brings in a raft of new design details, especially with the colors.