Before exploring 2019 superyacht trends, it should be remembered that luxury yachting is one of the most prestigious businesses in the world and yacht trends are slow to emerge. It’s not hard to see why. With a new build construction time of anywhere in the region of two to three years – and sometimes much more if the project makes the list of the largest superyachts in the world – it can be hard to tell which predicted trends in yachting will come to fruition any time soon, and which will remain nothing more than chatter.

As with what happened with the trend for more, and increasingly innovative, uses of glass in yacht design in the early 2000s, the conversation regarding a handful of recent superyacht trends is now turning into something more tangible than talk. Following years of discussion, some of the top yacht trends we will see in 2019 focus on environmental issues, exploration capabilities, and technological development.

The yachting industry is seeing more and more explorer yachts than ever before being commissioned and delivered to adventurous owners, and a rise in the amount of technology being developed to make superyachts more efficient, more comfortable and more environmentally conscious.

Here are some of the top superyacht trends 2019 to watch out for.

superyacht trends 2019 Nobiskrug Explorer yachts
Nobiskrug Explorer yachts

Exploration yachts

With the rise in off-the-beaten-track cruising adventures, the yachting industry has long been talking of the increasing popularity of exploration yachts. Demand has been on the rise for sturdy yachts with true exploration capabilities in recent years, and the 2019 trend is set to do the same – namely at northern European yards and particularly at renowned German yacht builders. Stepping away from the traditional aesthetic of a rugged, trawler-type design, many new explorer yachts will feature interior and exterior spaces with the luxury and comfort expected in the uppermost tiers of luxury superyacht construction.

superyacht trends 2019 Nobiskrug

Environmentally conscious design

Industry-wide initiatives addressing issues of marine health and ocean conservation have boomed of late. Brokers are committing to plastic-free charters while teams of talented engineers and designers are continually developing better technology to reduce the environmental impact of yachting and new build luxury vessels. Environmental issues continue to play a big part in the building of yachts of all shapes and sizes. In the large yacht market, German yacht manufacturers are increasingly upping the game with boundary-breaking yacht after boundary-breaking yacht, with many new yacht projects featuring exciting challenges to the traditional concept of a superyachts GA, as well as the latest cutting-edge hybrid yacht technology. Yacht trends in 2019 will see more and more shipyards answer the call for new and innovative ways to lessen the environmentally damaging aspects of yachting.

German yacht builders Nobiskrug

Yacht technology of the future

With the rapid development in software and engineering solutions for superyachts, improved technology on board is more affordable and efficient than ever before. Yacht trends in 2019 will continue to not only see the superyachts with hybrid engines, and sleeker, more efficient hull forms come to the fore, but also a rise in the quality of the advanced yacht software and technology on board, designed to maximize the best experience of the yacht life on board.

With many new exciting new state-of-the-art yacht projects coming out of northern European shipyards, it will be interesting to see which prestigious shipbuilders will be on top of the top superyacht trends 2019.