Oyster Plans to Wow with Palma Regatta 2018

This year’s Oyster Palma Regatta promises to be bigger and better than ever, the first of many regattas to be organized by Oyster Yachts’ new CEO after the company’s recent change in management.

Oyster’s sailing regattas are a unique opportunity for Oyster owners and their families to come together and race their iconic yachts around a beautiful part of the world, whilst catching up with old friends. With the company now on its 41st regatta, Oyster has had some practice in planning these amazing events. However, this year’s Palma Regatta is set to blow previous boat races out of the water, arranged under the guidance of new CEO Richard Hadida.

Palma Regatta Oyster Yachts

The Oyster Yachts Palma Regatta 2018 will run from Sunday 30th September to Thursday 4th October, with each day bringing something new and exciting. Sunday is registration day, with a cocktail reception in the evening to warmly welcome the ‘Oyster Family’ to the island. Former motorsport team boss, Irish television personality, drummer and Oyster owner Eddie Jordan is set to play at the party, getting the regatta off to a rocking start.

Monday will be the first day of racing followed by a spectacular evening event in Palma’s beautiful Bellver Castle, where canapes, drinks and entertainment will set the scene for the first prize giving ceremony. Then, on Tuesday, the yachts will take part in a passage race over to the ancient Mallorcan town of Andratx, with an informal sunset dock party where families can relax together. The Wednesday will be racing the passage back, whilst the final day on Thursday brings a last race around the island before a farewell celebration at the magnificent Jardines de Alfabia. With evening entertainment from phenomenal 5-piece band the Bogus Brothers and the final prize giving announcing the overall winners, it’s set to be a perfect end to a perfect regatta.

Palma Regatta Oyster Yachts

Nicky Garrett, Business Support Manager at Oyster Yachts, discussed the importance of the regatta to Oyster, saying: “I think Richard Hadida just wants this event to be so incredibly spectacular. The owners absolutely love it and there’s so much interest and excitement surrounding it. The regatta is a great opportunity for them to all get together and have a fantastic time together.” As the Oyster owners tend to bring their families along with them wherever possible, this connection with Oyster is then passed on through the generations. Indeed, Richard Hadida is said to be considering moving the regattas into the summer holidays in the future, in the hope that more people may be able to bring their children.

Palma Regatta Oyster Yachts

Garrett continued, saying: “It is very important to us to engage with our owners, not just to build the yachts but to provide a range of incredible services for them, and that is what sets Oyster apart. A crucial part of this is regularly hosting our owner dinners, sailing regattas and of course the World Rally.” Oyster tends to host two regattas a year – a Caribbean one at Easter and its end-of-summer Mediterranean races – and is currently over half-way through its second World Rally, where Oyster owners come together to sail the world together.

We can’t wait to hear more about the Oyster Palma Regatta 2018 as it draws closer.