Anyone can buy a fishing boat or a little dinghy to take out on the lake. However, there’s something different about climbing behind the wheel of a speedboat that will let you move across the water so fast you’d swear you were about to take flight. If you’re shopping for a new speedboat to add to your collection, or are looking to purchase your first, here is our selection of best models for 2020, just in time for the summer boating season.

Wally 48 Wallytender X speedboat

1. Wally 48 Wallytender X

The Wally 48 Wallytender X powerful speedboat was featured at this year’s Miami Yacht Show — and for a good reason. It has all the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a yacht, paired with four outboard engines that can each crank at 450 horsepower. It can easily reach speeds of more than 55 knots, which is perfect if you want to fly over the water but still want to bring all the comforts of home with you. As more and more people like speedboats, custom speedboat souvenirs are becoming more and more popular, such as custom coins, custom pins, custom stickets, etc. Not only for gifting but also for collection.

Baja Marine 36 Outlaw speedboat

2. Baja Marine 36 Outlaw

If you’ve ever gone looking for a speedboat, you’ve probably crossed paths with at least one model from Baja Marine. For this brand, 2020 is the year of the Outlaw — and our favorite pick is the 36 Outlaw. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but what it lacks in creature comforts, it makes up for in speed and power. It has a top speed of 82.4 mph or around 72 knots, and most importantly, is easy to control.

Yamaha 275 SE speedboat

3. Yamaha 275 SE

Until 2020, Yamaha’s jet boats tended to max out at about 25 feet, but this year the brand known for its speedboats has taken things to a whole new level with the 275 SE. There are other incarnations of the 275, but we picked the SE in particular because it’s designed for watersports enthusiasts. It comes with a wakeboard tower, an extended Bimini, and swim-up stern seating.

Mercedes Cigarette AMG speedboat

4. Mercedes-AMG Cigarette Racing Boat

OK, this might be one speedboat that you might not bring home, but we couldn’t overlook this impressive Mercedes and Cigarette Racing crossover. This 59-foot boat is equipped with six massive 450R engines, giving it a top speed of more than 80 mph. It doesn’t have the Mercedes-AMG motors you’d expect to see on a crossover, but it’s got plenty of equipment that will help you make the most of your time on the water.

Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover speedboat

5. Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover

A 43-foot boat is perfect when you’re heading out for speed, fishing, swimming, wakeboarding, or any other watersports you can imagine. This crossover has everything you need to spend time on the water, from a center console outboard to a stereo system. It’s even got a USB port for keeping your phone charged.

Bertram 50 hardtop speedboat
courtesy of Denison Yachting

6. Bertram 50 Express

Sometimes you need some speed to keep up with the fish you’re trying to catch. You get plenty of that with the 50 Express by Bertram. Its 4-foot, the 2-inch draft makes it perfect for nearly every location. If you’re looking for a powerful yacht to get out onto the water, you can’t go wrong with Bertram’s Express 50.

Skater 28 Flat Deck speedboat

7. Skater 28 Flat Deck

If you’ve got a need for speed, you don’t need to look any further than Skater brand racing boats. The Skater 28 flat deck has plenty of room for five people, and the powerful outboards can push the boat to speeds upwards of 110 mph. Make sure you opt for a windshield if you’re going for that top speed, though — unless you enjoy bugs in your teeth.

Fountain 34 Thundercat speedboat.
credit Big Thunder Marine

8. Fountain 34 Thundercat

As we move further down this list, we’re getting faster and faster —, and the Fountain 34 Thundercat is no exception. This super sleek 34-foot boat is capable of max speeds upward of 130 mph. With a 10-foot, 2-inch beam, there’s plenty of room for everyone who wants to tag along when you take to the water.

Glasstream 240CC speedboat

9. Glasstream 240CC

You don’t need a massive boat to enjoy some serious speed on the water.  This 24-foot Glasstream speedboat has everything you need. It’s marketed as an offshore-style boat, but it’s laid out so well that you can use it for everything from water sports to fishing to trolling offshore.

Donzi 38ZRC speeboat

10. Donzi 38ZRC

A long, narrow 38-foot boat is perfect for hitting some incredibly impressive max speeds. It can go up to 120 mph, though you can tone it down a little bit if you don’t need to break water speed records. It’s lightweight but solid and brings everything you need to the table.

Which Is Your Favorite?

You’ve got plenty of options if you’re looking for a new speedboat this year. From luxury to speed to recreational opportunities, these boats run the gamut. Be sure to visit your local dealer to find your favorite.