If you’re the type of person who loves camping, you’ll need good camping accessories. Although you may bring anything you want, it’s wise to pack only the things that are necessary to help you enjoy a great camping experience.

If you’re confused about the best accessories to bring on your next camping trip, make sure to read this section-by-section article about survival and don’t forget to keep the following in mind:

1. Tent

Although some may prefer slumbering under the stars, you must always have an emergency shelter like tent on hand. Or else, a heavy dew, midnight deluge or freak snowstorm may leave you miserable, drenched, and at risk of hypothermia.

With tents, you can protect yourself from the harsh weather elements. Whether you opt for the best cabin-style tent or a two-person tent, make sure to  set up a tent that’s weatherproof and made from durable materials.

2. Sleeping Bag

Resting on a bet of leaves and moss may seem to be an enjoyable experience, but it won’t keep you warm once the sun goes down. Temperatures may drop at night time and you should also take note that insects are most active at night. So, going camping without a sleeping bag may affect your night’s sleep because you’ll be exposed to weather elements.

3. Headlamp, Lantern, Or Flashlight

Whether you’re sneaking a midnight snack or stumbling to the bathroom, you must always have a flashlight or lantern as one of your camping accessories. You should also ensure that your light source is easy to reach anytime you need it.

4. Maps And Compass

You may have a GPS on your mobile device or a portable GPS system. However, nothing beats having accessories like compass and maps since you might not get mobile signal in a remote camping spot. With these navigation essentials, you won’t get lost and stay on the right track, whether you’re hiking or exploring a new camping area.

5. Fire Starter

Camping won’t be complete if there’s no crackling and warm campfire, so you would want to get an accessory like a fire starter. You can easily start fires with matches, flint and steel, magnesium fire starter or a cigarette lighter.

If you’ve chosen matches, see to it that they’re waterproof. If possible, pack several fire starters in case one doesn’t work properly.

6. Water Bottle

When it comes to camping, water is always essential and this is probably the last thing you don’t want to have a supply. This is especially true if there’s no source of water but a lake or pond that may cause serious illness that can be caused by bacteria. 

So, having a clean water bottle with a filter may come in handy. It’s also a good idea to pack some water purification tablets in case you have no choice and you like to refill from a stream nearby.

7. Weather-Appropriate Clothing

During camping, it’s understandable to pack only a few clothes, especially if you want an ultra-lightweight backpack. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your clothes dry at all times. Besides, walking around in damp clothes can be risky in places with a cool climate.

In addition to that, wet gear can be heavy and could make hauling difficult and uncomfortable. So, always opt for waterproof clothing that will protect you from the weather.

8. First Aid Kit

It’s not like you’ll experience life-threatening injuries while camping, but even a day of hiking may lead to blisters that might require proper bandaging. Scrapes and small cuts too may become infected once left untreated, so keep antiseptic and bandages on hand.

A good first aid kit must include some necessities such as soap, gauze, adhesive, emergency whistle, and scissors. Make sure to toss in bottles of insect repellent and sunscreen in your bag because bug bites and sunburn may end your camping trip experience.

9. Multitool

One of the most crucial accessories that you should bring on your next camping trip is a good quality multitool. It gives you a way to carry different tools in a lightweight and convenient package.

Oftentimes, a simple multitool features screwdrivers, pliers, knife blade, and scissors, while the most sophisticated models will include more tools. Depending on your budget and preferences, choose a multitool that matches your camping needs.

10. Camping Stove

Even if it’s a good idea to cook on an open fire, it’s more convenient to bring a camping stove. Besides, campfires are prohibited in some locations, especially the areas that are prone to wildfires. So, wherever you go camping, bringing a portable stove is never a bad idea as it can make campsite cooking easier.


Each camping trip is different, so you might want to tweak the above list depending on your preferred camping destination, current weather condition, and local terrain. Those are just the primary supplies that you may need for your camping. If you want to level up your camping experience, you can bring other accessories like a wireless speaker for entertainment purposes.