At first, moving may seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. There are tried and tested ways that can make moving day easy.

Even if your move is next door or are going to an entirely new place, here are ten house-moving tricks and tips that will assist you to have a more seamless transition!

Organize The Move Early

Last-minute arrangements are one of the things you should avoid when moving. Unless you’re leaving in a hurry and have to pack up the house immediately, you have between 4 – 8 weeks to get fully organized on moving day. To ensure you’ve finished all your tasks, you can look at this ultimate home moving checklist for guidance.

Donate Unwanted Items

When you start decluttering and simplifying your house, one realization you come to is that you have way more unwanted stuff than you thought. There’s no need to move this useless stuff from your old house to your new one if all they’ll do is sit around unutilized for months to come. You can save yourself energy and time by doing away with these items – Gone For Good is a reputable charity organization that will assist in locating new homes for unwanted items like electronics and old clothes.

Start Packing In Advance

Vector Movers, movers in New Jersey, suggest getting the required packing material in advance is one way of ensuring you stay organized when you start packing up. The packing materials will include sticker labels, different-sized boxes, colored markers, tape, and bubble wrap. For more information on these, read our how-to-pack guide when moving.

Arrange Professional Movers

Unless you have a generous friend who happens to own an empty van, you will most likely need to make arrangements for professional assistance when moving house. The majority of people underestimate how much stuff they have in the house, and pros will give tips, lift furniture, and make the entire process efficient and effective. If you want to, request the movers to help you with every step from packing to re-assembling.

Pick The Right Van

If your move is going to be only a short distance, you have the freedom to use a small van and make several trips to and fro. But it will be easier if you manage to make a move in as few trips as you can. Bear in mind that it will play to your advantage if you have the right van size that can safely fit all your belongings.

Professional movers know precisely the van to use in any scenario or if they need to add other vans. But if you DIY, try using our removal van size calculator to know the van you’ll need.

Pack an “Essentials” Bag

Ensure all of your essentials are in an overnight bag. Even if it’s nearby, having an overnight bag with all your stuff can go a long way in getting you ready to function the following day (or the next couple of weeks if you don’t get around unpacking all your boxes).

Essential toiletries, change of clothes, snacks, and phone chargers are pretty handy items to have in a clear plastic box or rucksack so that you have easy access to them when the new abode is filled with unpacked boxes.

Notify Important Contacts of your new address in advance

Consider making a list of companies and utilities at both your new and old home contacts who’ll need to be notified about when you’re moving. An appointment to get Internet installation if you need internet often takes a couple of weeks, if not months, to set up. We provide a thorough checklist of who will need to get notified when you move – from the post office to the council. Additionally, check if fiber internet is available at your new address and schedule the installation accordingly to avoid any delays in getting connected.

Keep your Movers in the Loop

Getting packing materials like tape and boxes is the easy part, but when it comes to the big and heavy items, it’s crucial to share all the information you can concerning your removal requirements with your movers.

First of all, tell your movers about your overweight items like a pool table or piano and whether there are access restriction points like narrow driveways, walk-up-only stairs, or small elevators. This will assist them in accommodating your wants and planning appropriately. That includes using extra movers, heavy-moving equipment, or disassembling tools if need be (but this doesn’t apply to your prized piano!). It goes a long way if the mover knows all the details for them to move quickly on a moving day.

Keep The Kids Entertained

We understand how moving with kids can amplify the stress levels of moving. Perhaps get someone to care for your children for the day or leave them off at relatives – it will make the process easier.

Treat Your Movers

Whether it’s friends, family, or hired movers, make sure to carry some drinks and snacks that are available to everybody. In the heat of summer, your moving crew will, for sure, appreciate a cold beverage more than you think!