A divorce can be stressful and isolating, so why not treat yourself to a luxury holiday once it’s all over? Take a read of our 10 luxury places to travel after your divorce is finalized…

Most divorces take less than 6 months, but that doesn’t mean it won’t still be an upsetting and difficult time. So, it is a great idea to book a holiday or other event, so you have something to look forward to once your divorce has been finalized.

There are lots of amazing countries out there that are just waiting for a visit from you! Whether you’re looking for a beach trip, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or a chance to see the Northern Lights, there is a destination out there for you.

The question is, where will you go first? Read on for our top 10 luxury places to travel after your divorce…

Travel to Costa Rica after your divorce

1. Costa Rica

Our first pick is Costa Rica; a gorgeous country full of dense rainforests and lots of sunshine between December and April. Whether you’re looking for activity and adventure, like ziplining, hidden rainforest water slides, and hot springs, or relaxing on the beach with a book and a cocktail, Costa Rica could be the luxury destination for you.

If your recent divorce has been straining your savings, Costa Rica could be the ideal location as it is affordable. However, you’ll still be commemorating your divorce in style. It’s also known to be safe, so great for solo traveling!

There are also plenty of opportunities to stay awhile and volunteer with the local community, including teaching English and helping with turtle conversation. Costa Rica really is a dreamy luxury place to travel to after a divorce.

Travel to New York after your divorce

2. New York City

It’ll be easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of New York City life and forget about your divorce, which is why it’s number two on our list. Take a trip across the Brooklyn Bridge, bask in the glow of Times Square, or shop until you drop at Tiffany’s. New York City has it all. 

Lots of New Yorkers dine, shop, and see the sights alone too. So, if you’re choosing solo travel after your divorce, you’ll fit right in.

Travel to Bahamas after your divorce

3. The Bahamas

You might think The Bahamas is a destination for honeymooners, but lately many divorcees have chosen it as their luxury destination of choice. With its beautiful clear sea, sandy white beaches, and secluded villas, The Bahamas is arguably the most idyllic luxury destination to visit after a divorce. 

There’s still plenty of opportunities to embrace your active side with snorkeling and fishing. But, if you are just there to relax, you can head to the spa or try a yoga retreat. The choice is yours.

Travel to Thailand after your divorce

4. Thailand

Thailand offers a whole host of options for divorcees. From partying all night on one of the many beaches to attending a famous full moon party, to explore Phi Phi Island and snorkeling, there are lots to take your mind off your divorce.

Another way to beat the post-divorce blues would be indulging in all the delicious food Thailand has to offer. Ultimately, it’s another location that is affordable yet luxurious, so it’s great if your budget is still a bit strapped. 

Travel to Iceland after your divorce

5. Iceland

Officially Europe’s most expensive country, you will certainly be paying for the luxury you experience in Iceland. From the Northern Lights to witnessing the Midnight Sun, or immersing yourself in a geothermal spa, Iceland oozes luxury.

With hotels made of glass so you can witness Iceland’s beauty from every angle, and a variety of exciting excursions to do, Iceland will help you take your mind off your divorce, no question. 

Travel to Canada after your divorce

6. Canada

Canada is voted as the sixth safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index, so it’s a great place to travel to alone. 

Not only is it safe, but the spectacular scenery, stunning wildlife, and majestic mountains will help you to find your inner peace and forget about your divorce. You can try your hand at fishing or wild cooking, explore the picturesque scenery on a hike, or go wildlife watching. You are sure to leave feeling more positive. 

But, if a luxury holiday isn’t within your budget right now, there are other great ways to feel positive after a divorce. 

Travel to Italy after your divorce

7. Italy

Italy is about more than just romance. Think Eat, Pray, Love, and mending your heart with all the pasta, pizza, and wine that you can devour. Cycle past scenic vineyards and go wine tasting in Tuscany, visit historic sites in Rome, or try the culinary capital Bologna; Italy is a dreamy destination to visit after your divorce.

Travel to India after your divorce

8. India

India is another luxury place to visit on a budget after your divorce. The smells, sounds, and colors of India will transport you a million miles outside of your comfort zone and stop you from thinking about your recent breakup.

With lots of spiritual retreats available, India can help you to find your inner peace, and bring balance back to your life.

Travel to Austria after your divorce

9. Austria

Austria is the self-proclaimed capital of cake, and who doesn’t want to indulge in some sweet treats post-divorce? 

As well as sweet treat heaven, Vienna has been named the city with the ‘best quality of life’, eight times in a row. With its positivity and incredible scenery, it’s the perfect place to retreat to post-divorce to rejuvenate and refresh yourself. 

Don’t forget to check out a hot tub lodge in the mountains for a real taste of European luxury.

Travel to New Orleans after your divorce

10. New Orleans

New Orleans, and notably Nola, is famous for ‘good times’. This could be exactly what you need after your divorce to help you take your mind off things, and maybe even meet someone new! Think lots of music and dancing all night long – the perfect remedy for your broken heart.

Ready to Find Your Luxury Holiday Post-Divorce?

As you can see, there are plenty of luxurious places to head to post-divorce, each providing a whole host of to-dos and experiences. Although luxury might invoke ideas of expense, not every place on our list requires a huge budget. So, there should hopefully be an option for everyone.

Although the divorce process can be draining, there are lots of resources out there to support you, and booking a luxury holiday might help lift your mood. The question is, where will you go first? Let us know in the comments below.