Jewelry has always been a staple gift when it comes to Valentine’s Day. A statement piece is no better way to show your nearest and dearest how much you love them. The shiny, sparkling attraction can convey an essence of sentimentality like no other gift. The combination of gold and gemstones makes the perfect present for any valentine, and one of our particular favorites is Welsh Clogau jewelry.

There are many distinct advantages when it comes to choosing jewelry as a gift ahead of champagne, chocolates, and roses, mainly because there’s something for everyone. No matter the person’s style, lifestyle, taste, or vibe, they will have a piece of jewelry they love. Due to this, there is an extensive range of options to choose from. Anything from flirty, inexpensive earrings to something more high-end and glamorous, such as a family heirloom passed down through the generations. 

No matter if you want to surprise your sweetheart or treat yourself to something fancy, you can be sure that any of these bracelets, earrings, or necklaces will bring added glamor and glitz to February 14, and to the rest of the year.

Paperclip chain necklace

Paperclip chain necklaces are having a major rise in popularity mainly due to their extreme versatility that enables them to be worn with nearly anything. The subtle textures add a standout feel while still keeping a classic approach. These necklaces can be found in a range of materials such as silver and gold. 

Flamboyant earrings

Hand-painted earrings can add a touch of class and uniqueness, showing that extra thought and care has been taken when selecting a gift. Statement pieces such as decorated animals can take any formal look in a new direction. Find out your valentine’s favorite animal to ensure that this gift of jewelry speaks to them even more.

Candy hearts choker 

This is the perfect choice for your best friend. Choosing a candy heart choker will bring all the nostalgia you could ever need from a gift. If you buy them for more than one of your friends you can all enjoy 2023’s version of a friendship bracelet.

Classic locket

The classic locket has had a modern upgrade. While still keeping one of the most romantic traditions of the past, the modern spin brings it back to the 21st century, holding on to a message, or photos of a loved one; always keep them as close to your chest as can be. Lockets are found in a range of styles, such as recycled brass dipped in 14K gold. Gorgeous!

Rhodochrosite Cabochon Jewelry for Valentines Day

Rhodochrosite cabochon cuff 

If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind statement jewelry piece there’s none better than raw rubies. A frankly unique look that no one else will have. If your valentine is always looking to set themself apart from the crowd, a cuff could be the perfect option.

Double-layered necklace

For those who have a valentine that loves nature and the outdoors, a layered bracelet is a great choice. An exotic, double-layered connecting necklace will suit their nomadic lifestyle, ensuring that every trip to the beach, forest, mountains, or beyond is always met with a sprinkling of style.

Stud earrings

Stud earrings are the perfect choice for a valentine who loves to scroll. Instagram-ready studs are an essential addition to glam up any ear. They come in various different set sizes with varying gems and designs. Find chains, flower studs, cubic zirconia, hoops, and a connector to make a combination of your own. Mix and match to make something entirely unique every time you leave the house.

Brightly colored beads 

If your valentine is keen on the latest trends, they will be sure to fall in love all over again when they receive a brightly colored beaded necklace. The rainbow beads can be combined with dangling charms to add a somewhat whimsical vibe that can offer any outfit a sense of charm and fun.

Birthstone ring 

A birthstone to solidify your bond is a perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. Showing that you really connect with someone by gifting them a stone that has been associated with them since the first day they entered the world is much more than just a gift. There are lots of varying designs and patterns to select, adding an extra sense of charm.

Valentines Day jewelry

Diamond necklace

Yes, even diamonds can have a price point to suit all! Choosing a single statement diamond or a connected trio of gems adds a delicate and sweet vibe. Add a little shine and shimmer by layering them to other necklaces, or let them stand out on their own.