When you’re heading away for the weekend it’s easy to have a complete meltdown over what to pack.

But don’t worry, we’ve put together our top 10 must-haves that’ll cover all weathers, activities and dress codes:

1. A Pair of Jeans | A pair of skinny jeans is essential for most suitcases. Why?
Because you can dress them up or down. Therefore, you’ll have everything from fun activities to smart-casual evenings covered.

2. A Blazer | If your weekend away will involve going out for lunch, having drinks with friends or shopping ‘til you drop, a blazer helps you smarten up any ensemble. Pair it with a dress, trousers or jeans.

3. A Pair of Heels | Perfect for teaming with your blazer and jeans, these will add a smart, chic look to any outfit. Ideal if you know you will be getting dressed up at some point.

4. A Pair of Flats | When you’re going to be doing a bit of walking, whether it’s in the local area or in the great outdoors, you’ll need a pair of flat shoes to get you through this.

5. A Skirt or Dress | This item of clothing is something you feel great in, and that’s why it’s a must-have when you’re heading away with friends or your partner.

6. A Puffer Jacket | Because the great British weather can be so unpredictable, you’ll want to make sure you’re warm enough if you’re outdoors. A puffer jacket is a staple item as it’s not only warm but can look smart when teamed with jeans and heels – allowing you to get from A to B and through the elements in style.

7. A Comfy T-Shirt | Ideal for outdoor activities or even just strolling around the shops, a T-shirt works wonders for casual occasions. Go white or black (or both) so you can team them with all the other items in your case with ease.

8. A Sweatshirt | Again, this prepares you for all weathers, keeping you warm and cozy if the temperature does take a nosedive.

9. Jewelry | Pack a couple of your key statement pieces of jewelry to add a touch of glamour to all of the aforementioned outfits.

10. Accessories | Now, to complete the look, be sure to pack a scarf and bag that complement the items you’ve packed.

Armed with all of the above, you have an outfit for every day of the week – let alone every day of the weekend! It also gives you some flexibility when you come to get ready so you don’t feel restricted with what you’ve packed.