Essay writing can sometimes be very problematic for students in school and university because not every person knows how to write effectively. That’s why some people start searching “write me an essay please” or “cheap writing service” and so on. Getting help is a good idea, but trying to work on your paper yourself is a good idea, too. If you want to do it yourself, read our tips on how to create the best essay ever.

Select an Essay Topic | Choose an essay topic, unless one has been chosen for you, that you think you can complete successfully and that you’re interested in. If you are interested in the topic, your writing will come from the heart, and you will thereby be able to show your best side to your reader!

Structure is Everything | The basic structure of any essay consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. This structure is very basic and relatively easy to follow once you get the hang of it. Let’s see what each section contains:

  • Introduction. Here you are able to introduce your topic and bring the reader up to speed on the topic. Remember that a good start is a key to success, so you need to choose the first few sentences carefully. Include a clear and concise thesis statement that articulates your premise.
  • Body. Here you need to reveal your thoughts to the fullest. Use the main body of your essay to express your point of view by using facts and valid arguments. Make sure that your writing and your arguments are easy to read and understand.
  • Conclusion. Now you need to draw conclusions based on the arguments you used. Do not make the sentences longer than they should be. They should be short, precise, and clear.

Outline and Diagram Your Ideas | In order to make it easier to compose your text, outline or diagram your essay before you even start writing. Here is how you outline an essay:

  • Take a piece of paper
  • Come up with a title for your paper. You can also save this part for last if you are not sure about what the title should be.
  • Come up with a title for each paragraph. Decide how many paragraphs there should be.
  • After the title of each paragraph, briefly describe what you will put in each one.
  • Choose where the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion end and begin.

With such a list it will be much easier for you to create a text, even if you are not a letter guru and generally do not like that whole writing thing.

How to Use Linking Words | What are linking words? These are the words or phrases that help us with building a story, making it sound more beautiful and help to create a smooth transition from one statement to another.

Using such words in your work also show your ability to use good language and eloquently express your opinion. Such words will make your writing easier to read.

What to Avoid in an Essay | When writing essays, you should avoid topics like politics, religion, and race. Avoid these if at all possible. If you have to write about these topics, do so tactfully. State your thoughts and viewpoints as accurately as possible in order to avoid offending people.

Edit & Cut | Your professor does not want to read a large text, so keep your paper short and to the point. You should also proofread your text for errors in order to ensure that you get the highest grade possible. Read your work at least twice to make sure you have followed your professor’s instructions and have not made any mistakes.

We hope that your teachers give you the best grades!