When it comes to home improvements, you have the desire, the skills, and the go-get-’em attitude. What you don’t have is a big pile of money that you can figuratively throw at your local home improvement store. Here is some much-needed great news: you can make some pretty significant and cool improvements to your home that will still leave you enough money to pay your bills. For example, consider starting with any of the following ideas and then working your way through the list as the budget and time allow:

Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen upgrades are notoriously expensive—everything from new countertops and cabinets to snazzy new appliances can really break the bank. But you can still give your kitchen a fresh new look. Start with replacing the old cabinet handle and drawer pulls with something more modern and stylish and install a backsplash or update the one you have. You can also update your light fixtures and, if you have some plumbing DIY skills, you can change out the faucet for something more to your liking. Once you are done with these tasks, remove everything from the counters and cabinets. Donate or toss the things you no longer use and find storage space for the rest. This will open up your counters and help the heart of your home look clutter-free.

Up Your Curb Appeal

If your DIY skills come with a side of a green thumb, put your love of gardening to use by making the exterior of your home stand out. Rummage around the garage and patio for planters and pots and give them a good scrubbing and rinse. If any are still looking shabby, paint them in bright cheerful colors and then fill them with annuals and perennials and set them around your front door and on the porch. While you are at it, paint the front door and, if you have the time and money, buy extra paint and redo the garage door as well. Pick out some new and stylish house numbers and an updated mailbox and your house will immediately look like one of the nicest ones on the block—all without a new roof, driveway, or paint job.

home improvement is adding tech devices to your home

Consider Home Automation Devices

Another DIY project that can also be budget-friendly involves smart home automation. What makes this upgrade especially kind on your wallet is that you don’t have to spring for everything at once; you can select a few devices now and then add more over the next several months. Basically, look for smart home devices that save time with rules, routines, and scheduling: smart locks, smart lights, a smart plug, motion sensors, and a smart doorbell are all great places to start. If you install a smart doorbell with a camera, you can see who is knocking at your door from anywhere in your house or even from the grocery store. Add a smart lock and you could then give your BFF access to your home with a mere touch of a button. If it’s an unwanted salesperson, you will be able to see him or her and can skip going to the door. What these smart home automation devices have in common is the ability to make your life easier, reduce your stress levels, and—in the case of lights turning off on their own at night—save you money.

Keep Most of Your Cash and Still Have a Great Home

It is reassuring to realize that DIY projects do not automatically need to include multiple expensive trips to buy supplies. Simple and quick upgrades to your kitchen, a gardening and painting-themed weekend out front, and installing a few smart home devices are all great ways to get your DIY on while still being smart with your money.