Emergency preparedness is universal. No one knows when an emergency will strike. Unfortunately, it could strike anyone and anywhere. This is why preparedness must begin at home. Everyone should be their own “emergency managers.” One reason for this is the fact that in times of emergency, you do not have a guarantee that you can always have someone else to turn to.

When an emergency strikes and you are left with none else but yourself, having an emergency kit at hand would primarily serve as your life-saver. Therefore, you need to have a bag for emergencies that you should regularly update to ensure everything in it can be used in times of disaster, accident, or any emergency. Without these emergency bags, your chances of surviving amid challenging situations will be very low.

So, you should have the following kits at home that’s always ready for you to grab and go:

Medicine First Aid Kit

First aid kits should be present in every household. This would be such a great help, especially during times when you get injured or sick and you are all alone at home. Whether it’s just a minor injury or a serious one, your first aid kit will help you lower your risk of infection while also preventing it from becoming severe. A bag that has all the medicines and supplies for first-aid will primarily help you pull it through. It is even better if everyone in the household knows the basics of giving first aid. When our first aid kit is always complete with the necessary supplies, you can grab it anytime you need to and be able to start treating an illness or wound immediately. It should have the basics such as aspirin, Dramamine, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, Imodium, and hot or cold pack.

Survival Supplies Bag

This will be your go bag that has the supplies that will ensure you will be fed and will have enough water to last you for 72 hours. The supplies inside this bag may vary. What is most important is for it to have the necessary survival tools, non-perishable food, and water. Some must-have tools include copies of essential documents, bottled water, flashlight, extra batteries, extra cash, a new car, and house keys. This bag should also be your first aid kit, perhaps small enough to fit in. Some ponchos, metal pots or mugs, space blankets, multi-tool knives, and fire striking tools are also some of the essentials that should be in your survival supplies bag.

Bag for Emergency Preparedness

A Gadget Go Bag

A first aid kit bag and a survival supplies bag wouldn’t be enough for someone who relies on technology to be able to get things done. This is when a gadget go-bag should also be prepared, complete with the needed set of tools. Your gadget bag should include chargers for your phone, tablet, and laptop; a USB cable, thumb drive, and surge protector are just among the essentials that you should not forget.

The goal of emergency preparedness is to lessen the blow that it will most likely have on people, especially the vulnerable ones like the children, the elderly, and those with physical disabilities. When you have these kits at home, you are less likely to panic, knowing that everyone is already aware of the importance of emergency preparedness.