When you hear the word “luxury,” what do you envision? You might be surprised to learn that for many homeowners, it means a blend of functionality, comfort, visual appeal and self-expressive design concepts. Here are three home design essentials for a luxury vibe.

Home Design Essentials

1. Add Asphalt Roof Shingles for Aesthetic Appeal | A home must be beautiful inside and out to truly embody a luxury vibe. An investment in a new paint job and asphalt roof shingles make all the difference in creating that “wow” factor that your neighbors will crave. Ask about asphalt roof shingles prices and design concepts that come in colors like royal slate, emerald-green and antique slate. Shingles from All American Roofing elevate to old-world luxury but at an affordable cost.

GAF Royal Sovereign: This single-layer fiberglass shingle produces sleek and clean aesthetics. With a 25-year warranty and fire protectant, the GAF Royal Sovereign shingle is an affordable solution for homeowners who want quality-made products.

Slateline Designer: If you are looking for a durable asphalt shingle that withstands wind endurance, the Slateline Designer shingles are a go-to choice. With its large size, they make for a beautiful addition to roofs with interesting geometric shapes. With a 50-year warranty and high fire safety rating, this design represents exclusivity.

Timberline HD:  The Timberline HD series offers a first-rate design that is known for its thicker and larger color concepts. It has a 30-year warranty and top-notch fire rating, making it is easy to understand why it is among the most popular designs with homeowners.

Timberline Reflector Series Shingles: If you want to stun your neighbors with a gorgeous rooftop, the Timberline Reflector shingle could be the choice for it. Available in three diverse colors and with a 30-year-warranty, these wind-and-fire resistant shingle are made with quality products.

Home Design Essentials

2. Choose a Unique Design Era for DecorHow much do you know about design eras? One of the easiest ways to adopt an expensive look is to do your homework on design concepts and find furniture pieces that fit into a blended aesthetic. From art nouveau to art deco or minimalism, there are many different artistic ways to elevate your home’s interior. As many pieces today are created after older styles, you have a lot of room to redecorate using these themes. On the other hand, what you don’t want is a home without a theme.

Regardless of what era or theme you go with, just having one shows visitors that your house was carefully designed.

Home Design Essentials

3. Add a Few High-end Material TouchesDecor is a critical element to luxury. Adding in a few elements like metallics, wood furniture or leather, which are found easily in high-end stores or secondhand shops, is a good first step. Rose gold or silver accents also glam up a room’s interior. You can also add candles to give off a bit of light reflection. A gold candle holder or a brass candlestick adds a hint of luxurious comfort produces focal points your friends and neighbors will remember.