In these challenging times, many businesses assume that it’s safer to stick to the status quo than make any significant changes to the way they work.

But in fact, now might be a better time than ever to broaden your horizons, take risks and explore new avenues of growth in order to future proof your business.

From personal development to entrepreneurial inspiration, here are just three incredible growth opportunities for SME owners that will take you – and your business – to new heights.

  1. Learn a new skill

In business, every day’s a school day, meaning you’re constantly learning new things about your industry, your business and yourself.

And a great way to further your personal and professional development is to further that learning by picking up new skills that can be helpful to your business – whether that means pursuing a formal mode of study or even working on individual qualities such as your team-building skills.

Even adopting new habits can make a huge difference to your mental attitude and professional outlook. For instance, take out a news subscription – Apple News, gives access to multiple publications – and dedicate half an hour a day to keeping up to date. This is an excellent habit for anyone to have, and a better way to start your day than scrolling through social media!

  1. Join a networking hub

Most networking events and opportunities have been suspended this year due to the current crisis.

This is unfortunate, as these events are a great way to get to know like-minded professionals with similar experiences and invaluable expertise that can be a major help to your business.

However, Arise Innovation is a unique business hub that brings together professional and academics, cultivates collaboration and offers access to many fantastic resources.

In additions to their physical premises in Harlow and Chelmsford, they also offer a range of virtual office packages to support small businesses. Amongst other benefits, these provide opportunities for virtual and physical networking events.

  1. Get online

If your business isn’t yet online in 2020, it should be your next step.

And if you are online, remember that there’s always room for improvement whether you’re brand new to e-commerce or venturing out for the first time.

For instance, you may already have a website for your business, but how effective is it? Is it  mobile-friendly? Is it optimized for search? How high is your conversion rate? The answers to these questions may all indicate possible improvements you could make to your site.

Next, do you have a social media presence? If so, what platforms are you using? Are your chosen channels the best possible choices to reach your target audience? How could you improve your content or increase your engagement? Again, the answers to all of these questions will be unique to your business, its products or services, its target demographic, and of course, its aims.

But understanding the metrics and measurable goals will help you determine the next direction for your business’s online efforts.

These three growth opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs will help you achieve and sustain success.