Everyone needs a little luxury every now and again in life. 

We work so hard and deserve to be able to reward ourselves. 

But with the cost of living increasing, our little treats can sometimes seem hard to justify. Nevertheless, anything which truly enhances our quality of life is worth having. And whilst some of our preferred treats might seem a little superfluous, others can have a truly positive impact on our day-to-day way of living. 

With that in mind, these are just a handful of products that will make the daily grind that little bit easier. Treat yourself – you deserve it!

1. YES Electric Scooter 

While you might not imagine a scooter to be the height of luxury, this electric scooter designed for commuters has been gaining attention in unexpected circles, even snagging a Good Design Award in 2021.

The product’s manufacturer places emphasis on style and safety whilst proposing the e-scooter as environmentally friendly for driving for short distance journeys and if you’re willing to splash out while on the go, the YES Scooter could be the perfect travel tool for you.

Bird & Blend

2. Bird & Blend 

If you’re a true tea lover, a cut-price version of your favorite beverage just isn’t going to cut it. 

Some people might consider you a snob, but you know the difference quality tea leaves can make. 

A lesser-educated tea drinker (or an avid consumer of coffee) might wonder why it matters. But in fact, drinking tea has a number of benefits, and different varieties can help with a range of issues. 

For instance, green tea is known for its metabolizing effects, as well as its concentration benefits. Meanwhile, yerba mate is known for its revitalizing properties, making it a great choice for your first cuppa of the day. 

And for adventurous tea lovers who don’t mind paying a little extra for their beverage of choice, Bird & Blend Tea offers a unique and fabulous range of weird and wonderful flavors, including Mint Pistachio, Jelly & Ice Cream, and Treacle Sponge.

Once for All Vegetable Mandoline

3. Once for All Vegetable Mandoline 

This might just look like a snazzy kitchen gadget for the person who has everything. 

But whether you’re an experienced chef or an absolute beginner in the kitchen, this device is in fact ripe with potential. 

With a variety of attachments to slice your veg in different ways, you can spiralize your veg to create zucchini noodles, dice a carrot into chips to season, flavor and dip, transform potatoes into fries or create the perfect cucumber slices for sandwiches. 

And if you’re cooking for a fussy eater, the Once for All Mandoline is a godsend, allowing you to chop up veg into the finest pieces that even the keenest tastebuds will struggle to detect. In other words, it’s a must for any parent’s kitchen – or if you simply wish to experiment! 

If you love a little luxury, any of these products are sure to bring a little je ne sais quoi into your life, whether you’re in the kitchen, on the go or simply enjoying your morning brew.