There are plenty of positive reasons for wanting to purchase a used car. Firstly, you can save yourself a great deal of money by finding a second-hand bargain, there’s then the fact that you can often find there’s a lot more choice available to you when you head to the used car supermarkets.

There are however some common mistakes people make when purchasing second-hand, which could see them facing additional problems further down the line. Here, we’ve explained three examples of such errors and looked into what you can do to avoid them when you’re buying a used vehicle.

#1 Paying Over the Odds

While the focus is very much on making savings rather than buying new, there are still instances where shoppers may end up spending more than they should be based on the make, model, age, mileage, and condition.

What to do: The simple solution here is to research the markets first and get an idea of the used car you want and look at what the average prices are for the model that interests you.

#2 – Not Checking the Vehicle Thoroughly

In addition to the cost, many of us can also make the classic error of not checking the history of the vehicle first before deciding to buy. These checks can identify any problems with the history of the car (previous owners, plate changes, outstanding finance, write-offs, etc.) and help you be certain that what you’re buying is legitimate.

What to do: This is also a relatively straightforward mistake to avoid; all you need to do is use the services of a reliable car checking service, such as HPI Check for instance, They will look at the vehicle’s history for you and tell you what you need to know.

#3 – Choosing Not to Take a Test Drive

Finally, a big mistake a lot of us are guilty of making is not taking the used car we want out for a test drive. Often this can be just to speed up the sale and get the car bought, but without a test drive, it can be risky.

What to do: Make sure you take the vehicle out for a spin; this way you’ll know for sure you’re happy and confident with it when behind the wheel.

So, take on board this advice and make sure you avoid these three common mistakes; then all there’s left to do is make the most of what your next used car has to offer.