The pandemic has had rippling effects across industries and within homes. In the golden age of face masks and hand sanitizers, people are more conscious about their health and safety than ever before.

One of these ripple effects has been the decline of Airbnb in favor of professional Toronto luxury suites. Here’s how it happened.

1. The Inherent Risk of Home-Sharing During a Viral Pandemic

Unlike hotels and furnished suites, Airbnb lacks a dedicated cleaning crew on standby every time a guest checks out. With millions of listings worldwide and next to no barriers to becoming a host, the home-sharing platform has little ability to enforce any standards whatsoever.

The fact is, a deep clean between guests isn’t guaranteed—and that’s unsettling. With the number of COVID-19 cases rising past 15 million in July, and the official death toll trending upwards of half a million, cleanliness is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have.

2. Customer Support That Leaves Much to Be Desired

Airbnb has never been known for exceptional customer service. Over the past few years, the company has cultivated a reputation for dropping calls, losing service tickets, and leaving customers stranded even during emergencies.

But what creates the most concern for customers is its unreliable refund and cancellation policies. When COVID-related travel bans were first put in place, Airbnb guests who had booked reservations for the upcoming weeks rushed to get their money back. The company’s response was to demand documentation—including letters from guests’ employers—to receive reimbursement.

3. No Housekeeping or Reception

Unlike hotels and luxury suites, Airbnbs leave you to fend for yourself. For those of us traveling with older family members, having staff on hand in the event of an emergency—medical or otherwise—is essential, especially during a pandemic.

As a precaution, it’s recommended that Airbnb guests spot clean their accommodations upon arrival, with particular attention paid to high-risk areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and bed linens. Running the dishes through the dishwasher, disinfecting countertops, and laundering towels have also been suggested.

Finding a Safe Place to Stay in Toronto

Surviving a pandemic isn’t easy. Give yourself a change of scenery without risking your health by booking a furnished luxury suite. With strict standards for sanitization and locations nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto, short-term suites have become the new go-to for Toronto’s constant stream of visitors.

Airbnbs have always been a gamble. Before the pandemic, the short end of the stick meant dirty linens or mouth prints on the glassware. Today, a failure to disinfect between guests can have devastating consequences.

Visitors are now gravitating toward a safer short-term rental solution: furnished luxury suites. Why are they so popular?

Toronto Luxury Suites do more than set guidelines for cleanliness. They guarantee it. Like hotels, furnished suites abide by a strict set of standards for disinfection and sanitation. But there are other perks, including a fully-stocked kitchen, high-speed WiFi, and jaw-dropping views of downtown Toronto.

Experience everything that Toronto has to offer by staying safe. Remember, living through a pandemic isn’t easy. Choose accommodations that you can truly relax in.