With extreme weather affecting so many areas, it’s no surprise that roof contractors are busy repairing or replacing roofs across the US. Just the normal wear and tear can mean your roof needs replacement. If you’re thinking of replacing your roof, you, too, will probably be giving a call to a roofing contractor soon.

However, before that happens, you should take into consideration a few things that we’ll share with you in this read.

1.  Do You Actually Need a Replacement?

You want to know if you need an entire replacement or shingle replacements because replacing a roof is one of the costliest home upgrades you can do. Typically, a new roof might be needed if:

  • You’ve had the same roof for 20 to 25 years.
  • The shingles are visibly cracked and damaged.
  • You have water leakage from the roof.
  • There are signs of roof sagging.
  • Mold is appearing in your home.
  • Moss is growing from the roof material.

Any problem caused by a bad roof might seem small in the beginning, but ignoring it can lead to serious issues. If you live in the Long Island area, an inspection can be carried out by Rapid Restore roofing and restoration experts. Such inspection will determine the condition of the roof. Experienced technicians frequently spot warning signs early on, saving clients big bucks. It’s generally best to have the old roof removed instead of having new shingles placed over it, which we’ll explain the logic behind in the next question.

2.  Strip or Re-Roof?

You can have the option of roofing over your roof. Roofing over means you’re installing new shingles over the old ones, so you’re not stripping the old roof away. This can save you money in the short-run, but it’s not the best path to take since you’re merely just delaying costs. When it’s time to actually get a new roof, you’d be stripping off two layers of shingles, meaning extra costs.

Besides costs, you’ll be adding extra weight to the structure of the house, so you want to make sure it can handle the load.

If you decide to re-roof, you should know that the inspectors won’t be able to do a thorough inspection of the roof. This way you’ll be roofed over damages that need to be repaired. It’s sort of a band-aid solution and usually not your best choice, but it is still an option.

3.  Go for Top Quality

A roof replacement is always going to be a big investment. You should always be wary of costs that seem too low. A proper roof renovation can cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000. What happens is that some roofing contractors hire very cheap labor to cut down costs. So, you want to hire certified installers because if the job isn’t done properly, you’ll be paying the cost of poor workmanship.

As long as you’re paying, you’ll want to get the best materials available and know a bit about roof shingles.

Roof shingles are the element that makes your roof waterproof. Roof shingles affect the overall look of your house as well as the utilities and longevity of the roof. There are lots of types of shingles; the most common type used in the US is asphalt shingles since they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They come in sheets that are layered on a roof, giving the look of more expensive single shingles, such as slate shingles which are installed one at a time.

Top-quality means that by adding between $300 and $500, you can get the longest available warranty on shingles that last 50 years, which is worth the extra money.

While asphalt shingles are the most common, there are other options, like wood shingles. Wood has been used for centuries for roofs. Wood shingles offer better insulation than asphalt and can have a totally different feel of your home than other shingle options when combined with different construction styles, increasing the curb appeal of your home.

Many homeowners are also opting for metal roofs. There are lots of new metal roofing materials that are similar to other materials, but last longer and are more energy-efficient.

Again, choose your roofers wisely. The wrong contractor can use shoddy materials. They can even install shingles incorrectly—big mistakes you want to side-step by all means.

The roof of your home is really the most important feature of your house. Nothing lasts forever, but a good, solid roof that is made of high-quality materials and installed properly has a lifespan of nearly forever. Roofing isn’t the upgrade you want to skimp on. Choose a certified contractor to guarantee to have a great roof over your head.