Warm, sunny days can provide welcomed relief from the harshness of winter weather, however, for many women knowing what to wear can be a challenge. For reasons ranging from religious beliefs and cultural influences to personal preference, the decision to dress more modestly is becoming a trend that growing numbers of women are adopting.

Modest fashion embraces a less revealing look that favors dressing in a comfortable and graceful way that avoids unwanted attention while remaining stylish and chic. Thankfully, for many, this billion-dollar sector is no longer consigned to certain parts of the world only, as designers from the high street to high fashion are beginning to take notice. If you would like to discover a more modest look while remaining cool and stylish in hot weather, read on for some valuable tips.

Loosen Up

Choose loose, breathable fabrics which allow air to freely flow and will not cling to your body. Rather than skinny jeans or tight-fitted tops, opt for long, billowing maxi skirts or dresses such as the ones at Dainty Jewells Moisture-wicking materials such as linen, polyester, and bamboo can help you stay cool as they draw moisture away from your skin while fabrics like cotton, rayon and chambray are also ideal for the summer months.

Add some flair to your fashion sense with a pair of wide-legged pants such as palazzo, sailor, and harem pants which allow you to dress modestly without compromising on your personal style.


This can be one area that poses problems for women who prefer a more modest look at the beach or beside the pool. Many outfits are skimpy and overly revealing, however, there are several swimwear options that can offer you style and support while remaining flattering and modest. A one-piece swimsuit or tankini will provide greater coverage for your skin when you are in the water and can be accompanied by a sarong or pareo wrap when transitioning to the poolside bar or restaurant.

Another way to look effortlessly chic on the beach is by covering it up with a longer hemline. Beach dresses come in a number of elegant and fashionable designs and can be worn in a variety of settings without making you feel overly exposed or self-conscious.

Lighter Colors

Due to their light-reflecting properties, lighter colors will help you create an easy, breezy look for the summer months while looking stylish. Welcoming in summer with a white ensemble will not only add a crisp and classic appearance to your outfit but will also help you stay cool. Staples such as linen pants and a white tunic top, a white maxi dress, or pale colored dress shirt are the perfect outfits for a searingly hot summer’s day. These minimal outfits can also be easily elevated with just a few accessories making them the perfect outfit for day or night.

Many mainstream brands are now embracing modest fashion with such clothing now being seen both on and off the runway. Follow the tips in this article to help you curate a summer wardrobe that allows you to express your personal style and fashion sense while remaining modest.