There is nothing more rewarding than getting compliments from those who visit your home, so it’s safe to say that the scent of space is extremely important! So here are 4 effective ways to ensure that your home always smells good!

1. Refresh the space regularly

Sometimes we just forget to open a window and refresh the air, especially in rooms we don’t use – but there is nothing worse than heavy, stale air! This, combined with dust creates a distinctive smell, that’s far from pleasant! So the best way to keep your home smelling nice is to clean it regularly, thoroughly dust it and keep the windows open for air circulation! If you are a smoker, try to smoke strictly outside and not inside, as the walls and furniture can absorb the smell, and no matter how much you clean and refresh the space, the smell won’t go away! Another thing to check is your AC, which can also contribute to a foul smell and odor when not cleaned and properly maintained. Ensure you also schedule an HVAC Service to purify the air from your AC.

2. Get rid of bad smells

If you have pets in your home, cook a lot of work with various chemicals and paints for a living, it’s hard to escape certain scents. They might not be too strong for you, but that’s because your nose is used to them, whilst a visitor might disagree! Some smells are hard to mask or get rid of naturally, so getting the best odor eliminator for your space is a must! These products come in various sizes and scents – they can also be diluted depending on how strong you want them to smell! 

light up candles for a good scent

3. Light up candles

Nowadays, candles are all the rage – there are so many different scents to choose from it’s getting hard to pick! Usually, people buy scented candles that are appropriate for the season at that moment, apple and cinnamon candles are for fall and colder weather, while fruity and flowery scents are perfect for autumn and summer! There are also sweet scents like cookies and coffee, so there is definitely something for everyone! Also, it’s best to buy candles in large, glass jars – not only will they last longer, but it’s also just more safe to have one lit candle than ten little ones around the room! 

4. Add plants

Lastly, there are toxins in the air you simply can’t get rid of by yourself – adding plants can help with that! Plants are great for freshening up the air, especially plants such as eucalyptus, heart-shaped philodendron, peace lily, devil’s ivy, and similar plants. They work as great air purifiers, and on top of that, they are natural and cheap! Depending on where you live, the quality of air can vary, for those living in big cities, it’s important to fill their home with various different plants! This step goes with all of the above, and it’s definitely recommended to have at least three plants in your living space!

It’s so important to pay attention to the little things such as smell, even if we get used to how our home smells, there is always room for improvement! With a few products, you can totally transform your space!