Spending time outdoors playing sports is a great and fun way for kids and adults alike to become physically fit and healthy. However, there are instances wherein playing outdoor sports is not very likely, which can be attributed to various factors such as the weather or climate, as well as unfortunate circumstances like the pandemic that the globe is plagued in right now. But don’t fret just yet because there are still several exciting sports activities that you can play indoors and some of which are listed below.

Indoor Target Games

One of the most exciting indoor sports that seem to be underrated is one that involves a board that you target with a pointed shaft. The former can either be electronic or a traditional bristle board, while the latter can be a soft tip or steel tip shaft. This is the game of darts wherein each player takes turns in throwing three strikes, in an aim to hit the bullseye, which has a score of 50. A hit in the outer ring scores of 25 while a hit on the double or triple ring multiplies the score accordingly.

Table Tennis

Table tennis or ping pong is known as an indoor variation of tennis. In this game, two players aim to return the ball to each other’s sides. However, the key is to make it difficult for their opponent to return the ball to their side. This entails the need for players to practice different types of grip that will help them in receiving the ball and hitting it to reach the other side.


A bowling alley is one of the most popular hangouts between friends because this game is not only exciting; it is also challenging. You can play individually or play in teams, and for sure, the game will be fun nonetheless. Two types of bowling balls determine the game, and these are the duckpin and the ten pin. The balls in a duckpin game are relatively smaller than the balls used in a ten-pin game. Nevertheless, with the proper technique, both can still land you with a strike.

Indoor Wall Climbing

If you want a full-body workout, then indoor wall climbing would be the perfect sport for you. In this game, your main opponent is yourself, constantly challenging your abilities until you hit the top of the wall. This entails the need for you to train so that you will have the core and muscle strength to overcome various wall inclinations that pave the way for different levels of difficulty.

wall climb game you can do indoors

To wrap things up, target games, ping pong or table tennis, bowling, as well as indoor wall climbing are only some of the most exciting sports that you can play even if the weather is bad such that you cannot go outside. Numerous other indoor sports activities such as badminton or squash will keep you active also if you cannot go out and bask in the sun. The key is in finding the one that you find most interesting for your ultimate enjoyment.