The weather is starting to get hot, which means it is time to jump back into the pools! Having a swimming pool outside in your backyard is such a perk during the summertime. It is an excellent addition to the house to help you exercise, relax, and throw fabulous parties.

Although owning a pool is great and all, it does require a lot of maintenance to keep it in excellent condition. No need to panic, though. There are tools you can use to keep your swimming pools in tip-top shape!

Water Test Strips

As much as you do not want to be exposed to too many chemicals, your pool needs to be regularly disinfected with chlorine. However, you also do not want to put in too much chlorine to be dangerous for you.  

If you have a pool, you will need to have water test strips. It is so important to maintain the correct water ph level for your pool. The water test strips are the most accessible tool you can use to check if you need to add chemicals to clean the water or too many chemicals in the water. 

You need to dunk a strip into the pool and then compare it to the container’s provided pH guide. The tests will help you keep track of the pool’s total chlorine, hardness, alkalinity, pH level, and cyanuric acid. 

Algae Cleaner

The water is not the only thing that can get dirty. The pool’s surface can have algae build-ups over time as well. Algae usually appear when you do not clean your pool regularly or when you do not use it. 

This problem can give you a headache, but thankfully, you can use plenty of tools to get rid of it. To take care of this problem, you need an algae brush and a manual vacuum. The brush will help remove algae on the tiles, and then you can easily remove the floating algae with the vacuum.


The skimmer might be the most common thing that swimming pool owners have, and that is because it is an essential tool. The pros behind agree with homeowners who would also put effort into creating a beautiful deck to complement their pools. Homeowners would add greeneries near the pool that could get the pool dirty.

Automatic pool cleaners.

There is nothing wrong with that. It is usual for falling leaves, flowers, petals, and twigs to land in the water.  The easiest way to remove these is with a skimmer. It will be like fishing, but you would be scooping out this falling debris instead of fishes. 

Filter Cleaner

The primary device that will keep the pool water clean is the filter. You can regularly scrub the pool tiles and strain the water, but the pool’s filter will still be needed. So it is a must that you have an effective filter cleaner. 

You need to clean your filters regularly. A filter cleaner will improve the filter’s performance. It will also prevent cloudy water and remove residues.

Your pool would not survive without these four things. You need these to maintain a safe and enjoyable pool for people to swim in. It is fun to have your pool, but it would be better if it is also clean and well-maintained.