It may not have always been viewed in such a manner, but it is fair to say that gaming is very much a mainstream activity these days.

The world of console and PC gaming seems as popular as ever, while mobile gaming has emerged in recent years to offer high-quality experiences on handheld devices. Casino gaming has also enjoyed a resurgence thanks to online casinos, with such sites offering a host of different options on a single domain.

However, while many forms of gaming appear to be performing well at present, this has not stopped the industry from embracing the types of offers and deals, we are used to seeing elsewhere.

Promotion power

For example, the trend of services offering discounts and free trials to new customers is massive these days, with such promotions being used concerning everything from streaming to recipe boxes. Gaming has followed that trend, too, with Apple Arcade offering new players a one-month trial of its services.

Another form of promotion that gaming has embraced in recent years is the loyalty scheme. Many of us may be most familiar with such initiatives being used in retail or food and drink, with the Starbucks Rewards scheme, for instance, giving regular customers the chance to enjoy a range of rewards.

However, if you are keen to get some extra benefits to boost your gaming, which schemes are worth looking out for? Here we have pulled together four that you could consider.


If you love mobile gaming, Mistplay could ultimately be the service for you. The official site describes the platform as the number one loyalty program for mobile gamers and breaks down its offering into three simple elements – you discover games, play and collect units, and then redeem the units for rewards.

The site adds that units can be used to get access to gift cards related to a host of leading brands, including Amazon and Google Play.

Royal Panda

Alternatively, if online casino gaming is more your kind of thing, you could take a look at the loyalty scheme offered by Royal Panda. The Loyal Panda program operates in a similar vein to Mistplay, as players can again earn points each time they play at the site. These points can then be spent at the Loyal Panda shop on a host of different items, including free spins and other gifts. Popular items that fall into the latter category include branded merchandise, iPads, tickets to Las Vegas, and even a Rolex watch.

PlayStation Plus

Fans of console gaming can enjoy a few major benefits by signing up for services like PlayStation Plus.

By subscribing, players get access to standard features like monthly games and online multiplayer services. However, the official site reveals that they can also benefit from exclusive discounts, early access to demos, and members-only game content.

Prime Gaming

Amazon’s Prime service is well-known for offering benefits across film and TV, shopping, and music, but did you know there were potential gaming perks for members as well?

By staying loyal to Amazon, customers can get hold of new games that they can keep forever, while they can also enjoy a free subscription to Twitch and exclusive in-game loot. The Prime Gaming site reveals how the latter includes a gear pack for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and a second skin shard for League of Legends.

Get a gaming boost

From mobile action to casino fun, the world of gaming has become a key source of entertainment in recent decades. Now, gamers have a chance to take advantage of a range of great deals, with many brands offering very special benefits.

The services mentioned above are just a handful of the many schemes out there, so you should take some time to discover the initiative that might boost your own gaming.