Traveling is a great way to enjoy your vacation and relax while taking time away from your busy work schedule. However, some trips require a considerable amount of time and money to plan, and such adventures are not usually embarked upon frequently. If you want to have indelible experiences with specific tours, there are certain places you should visit. Here are 4 of the most epic once-in-a-lifetime trips. 

1. The Great Migration

Every year, the wildebeests migrate between Tanzania’s Serengeti and Kenya’s Masai Mara in what is termed the greatest animal show. As the seasons change, tens of thousands of grazers migrate to greener pastures in an extraordinary journey with different predators in pursuit and waiting to attack and kill the weak. 

This thrilling Safari experience takes you to other tourist attractions like Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest at 5, 892 m or 19, 331 ft. The climb can take about five days if you are fit, but it is recommended to climb with an expert climber. You can end your memorable journey of a lifetime on Tanzania’s topical sands in Zanzibar.     

2. National Parks in The USA

America boasts magnificent national parks dotted in its western region. For instance, you can start your trip in Yosemite consisting of towering waterfalls, dizzying granite domes, and the highest trees on earth. You can then pass through the Death Valley overlooking the fantastic Grand Canyon. The Grand Teton and Yellowstone are your next stops comprising the USA’s most untamed wilderness. The good thing about this adventure is that you can complete it using the luxury tours of your choice. If you are passionate about motoring, there is a wide range of supercars that can take you to any destination around the US.

3. Victoria Falls 

Victoria Falls is one of the world’s seven natural wonders and is located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It’s 1.7km long, and the water plunges 108 meters into the incredible gorge below, producing mist and showers making the surrounding places evergreen. A trip to Victoria Falls is one of the most epic adventures of a lifetime. At their highest water levels, about 17 million cubic feet of water flows through the falls every minute. The best time to visit Victoria Falls is between February and July when the water levels are high.    

4. Transsiberian Railway (Russia, Mongolia, China)

The Transsiberian Railway links China and Russia. The railway line is one of the longest on earth and covers 9,289 km or 5,772 miles. A trip from Moscow to Beijing by train is probably the most epic because it spans seven time zones. When you depart from Moscow, the train first passes through the Magnificent Ural Mountains and then moves into European Russia. 

It continues its epic journey via the vast expanses of wooded areas in Siberia then passes through the lofty plains of Mongolia, finally terminating in Beijing. The journey takes nine days, but most tourists usually take longer.  

Once-in-a-lifetime Trip to China

Traveling is a gateway to beautiful places around the world, and it allows you to meet new people. However, some adventures are more exciting, engaging, and rewarding than others. These are some of the most epic trips you can consider. Just remember to do your homework before you head out.