In the era of multi-million dollar endorsement and contract deals, sports superstars boast of the best mansions that money can buy. As a result, most sports legends in the world live incredible lives in their spectacular homes, which pack modern amenities like panic rooms, shark, and car elevators. Here are the most prestigious homes owned by top sports legends in the world.

Tiger Woods, Jupiter Island

Situated in Florida’s Jupiter Island, Tiger Woods’ 41-million-dollar home is among the best homes owned by sports legends in the world. The 16,127 square foot mansion comes with a 3.5-acre backyard that functions as a personal golf course landscaped with sand traps, fairways, and trees. The mansion is a true beauty to behold!

Besides the four-hole golf course, the mansion also comes with a hybrid basketball and tennis court, a 100-foot lap pool, a private beach, two yacht docks, and a guest house. As such, guests can do more than just browse for the best promo codes while in the mansion. The mansion makes Tiger’s former home in Windermere seem cheap and small for this golf legend.

Michael Jordan, Highland Park

Michael Jordan is among the most celebrated basketball figures of all time. This basketball legend lives in a 14.85-million dollar house in Highland Park, Illinois, a private resident featuring nine bedrooms, a 15-car heated garage, and 17 bathrooms.

This high-end mansion also features an indoor basketball court, a tennis court, and a grand entrance with the legend’s jersey number (23) in the middle. Even better, Michael’s home features a circular palatial, Zen-like pool with its island in the middle.

Lebron James, Brentwood

NBA star Lebron James has been touted as one of the best basketball players of all time, and his lifestyle is true evidence of that. Lebron’s multi-million dollar mansion in Brentwood Los Angeles features six bedrooms and eight bathrooms in a 9,440 square foot home, giving him enough space to rest and practice as much as necessary.

This traditional style home was designed by Ken Ungar, featuring black shutters and a gabled roof fa├žade. Additionally, this home is equipped with a round breakfast room and a formal dining room with a deck and balcony space at the back. There’s also a fountain and a modern swimming pool to complete the mansion alongside a three-car garage.

Serena William, Palm Beach

As most people continue to spend their days indoors, Serena Williams has surprised many fans with her multi-million dollar home in Palm Beach, Florida. Serena co-owns this property with her sister Venus Williams, occupying 7,323-square feet in size.

Serena and her sister bought the property for a little over half a million dollars in 1988, and they built the home about two years later. Today, this mansion includes a clay-tile roof, a tennis court, and a swimming pool with a cabana. Even better, the home has a traditional style bar and a private hiking trail for her family to enjoy.