Are you looking forward to buying some luxurious property? Yes, it can be for your office or residence or just for renting out. In all cases, you would need to go through a variety of location options. And aiding the same, here we are sharing a list of four of the world’s most luxurious and ultra-prime streets that you may like to consider for buying a property.

So if you are ready, let’s roll up the curtains and head straight to the list:

57th Street, New York

1. 57th Street, New York

It’s been a time since 57th street in New York has been home to some of the most extraordinary residential properties. And they aren’t extraordinary in only one aspect. The overall appeal of the location and the properties that you can find here surpasses all layers of imagination.

The elegant combination of Steinway Hall’s vast history, along with the new tower standing at 1,428 feet, adds a great deal to the beauty. Apart from that, Central Park is also there and makes New York Luxury Market one of the world’s most luxurious locations to live in.

Mount Nicholson, Hong Kong

2. Mount Nicholson, Hong Kong

Another one on the list, prices for land property on the Peak of Hong Kong, i.e., Mount Nicholson is always on the higher end. Reports tell that the locality is so lavish that buying a house here can cost anywhere around US$92 million at ease. The area is developing at a rate of knots, and thus demand is always on a high.

There have been a total of 35 transactions involving properties on Mount Nicholson Road, and their worth adds up to nearly US$2,8 Billion. This number is second to none but only the 57th street of New York.

Grosvenor Square, London

3. Grosvenor Square, London

Talk of luxurious houses, and you can’t ignore London’s Grosvenor Square. Surrounded by some of the most lavish restaurants, clubs and retail stores in and around the place, the location is prime to the core and thus in high demand all year round. Inarguably, if you are looking for something lavish in London, Grosvenor Square is worth your consideration. So, yes, count it in.

Apart from this, Finchatton’s Twenty Grosvenor Square and Lodha’s 1 Grosvenor Square have both won Mayfair the title for being the number one address for global wealth in London. Another reason why the location is fit for everyone exploring ultra-luxurious property options.

South Ocean Blvd, South Florida

4. South Ocean Boulevard, South Florida

Often referred to as Palm Beach’s Billionaire’s row, South Ocean Boulevard has lately been seeing high activity concerning the sale and purchase of luxurious properties.

One such recent transaction worth US$110 million associated with an oceanfront home named La Follia shook the market, becoming the most expensive home on the island. Another attraction is the fact that this property is just minutes away from the renowned boutiques of Worth Avenue. Plus, the locality has some of the most favorable tax laws. These are a few reasons why some of the wealthiest buyers are deciding to purchase properties in this area.

So, if you too wish to get an office or home at a prime location, this can surely be a good deal. Just make sure that you hire the best commercial general contractors for your property’s construction.

Final thoughts…

If you are planning to buy a luxurious home or office space and location isn’t a barrier for you, this post can turn out to be a useful resource. Here we talked about four of the world’s most luxurious streets that you can consider buying your property in. Hopefully, this was helpful.