Engaging a skip bin company means junk disposal is made easy, which is the best way to dispose of waste. Nothing compares to the freedom and ease of having your piles of junk taken from you, relieving you of the chore of driving to the junkyard. 

This is also necessary because you are sure that your junk will be efficiently disposed of with great care to the environment. 

However, certain conditions might get in the way of this expected efficiency, and the only way to get it right is knowing the tips that add to this efficiency. 

So, if you are looking to have the best from any skip bin junk disposal company, just keep on reading. 

4 Practical Tips to Keep in Mind When Using a Skip Bin for Junk Removal

1. Be wary of your junk

Since the junk removal company will be at your home to pick up the junk, you should know the type of junk that shouldn’t be in the bin. Waste like asbestos, large batteries, chemical waste, flammable items, medical waste, and other poisonous waste is highly prohibited. While the safe ones are categorized into different categories like:

  • General waste of recyclable items, paper, toys, woods, glass, carpets
  • Green waste includes leaves, branches, barks, grass
  • Soil refill has sand, soil, dirt
  • Steel and aluminum

Additionally, you can do well to inform the company about the type of waste you get, the guidance you need, and the size of the bin that will take all your junk.

2. Know the size of the bin that is enough for you

It is against the rules of any company to carry overfilled bins, and it will serve you greatly if you have the bin size right for your waste. How do you get that? Sort out your junk before requesting a skip bin from https://www.magicbinsskipbinsbrisbane.com.au/ as this will tell you how much junk you have and the size to request for. More so, you can call up a skip company to stop over at your place and see the piles you have generated; they will advise you better on the size of bin perfect for your junk.

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3. Know the best ways to load your skip bins

It is one thing to know the size of the skip bin to hire, and it is another to know how to load and maximize the space therein. If you don’t want to get it wrong, here are the tips to remember.

  • Ensure that all flat objects are placed first, forming their base in the bins
  • Followed by square objects like TVs, microwaves, etc.
  • If you have objects with openings like crates, they can also serve as space to stack other junk inside the bin.
  • Stuff smaller objects into any opening between objects; lastly, take care not to overfill each bin.

4. Take note of the weight restrictions

Always remember to double-check the weight limits of the skip bin before hiring the company. The last thing you want is footing the additional cost of junk removal that you weren’t prepared for. So, a good way to escape this is to find out the available options from the company and possibly request for an additional skip bin instead of overfilling it and getting charged. Remember, find out the weight each bin must never exceed and stuff your junk into it. 

Lastly, ensure everything about prices is discussed and concluded before engaging the company while ensuring that these tips are utilized as much as possible.