In all honesty, a family vacation is one of the most significant things that keep a family bonded. You could consider going on an open road trip with your family and reinvent the idea of a family road trip by renting a rental motorhome. If you’re marveling if it’s right for your household? Then read on to feel convinced.

More so, RV travel might be nice for families that would want to eat healthier, save money, find adventure, and most importantly – bond with one another.

In 2020, road trips topped the list of United States travel trends. Thus, renting an RV for vacation is a rising trend that’ll be a fun experience.

Choosing The Best RV For Your Family

When you plan on renting an RV for a family vacation, in all honesty, one of the hardest decisions might be choosing the best RV for your household. Although folks at insist you can choose from pop-up campers to massive motorhomes, there are tons of RVs to choose from. My guess is you’ll want something with enough space to keep all your campers — family — happy.

Going forward, here are four basic RV types you can choose from for use on your trips; 

Class A Motorhomes 

Class A motorhomes are all-in-one RV. It normally has a dining area, kitchen, bathroom & shower, lounge, and an independent bedroom. 

More so, some Class A motorhomes have slide-outs that are operated with just a touch of a button to widen the interior space while you’re at the campground. These features are perfect for families because of the abundant space they have. 

Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are extended and full-sized camper vans with a roof that’s raised. Though they’re smaller compared to other types of motorhomes, they are generally equipped with a dinette that converts to a bed and has kitchen appliances. Class B motorhomes are mostly used by couples, and they might be a little small for a family.

Class C Motorhomes

These motorhomes are built on a truck chassis with an additional cab extending over the driver’s cabin; they commonly come with a kitchen, bathroom, and dining area. 

It all depends on its size; some class c motorhomes have separate bedrooms and slide-outs to expand the living space. The region right above the driver’s cabin is converted to a bed with a dinette and sofa. 

Travel Trailer

Their sizes range from 10 to 40 feet in length; they’re also called a Fifth Wheel, these RVs are normally yanked with a truck. Travel trailer truck interiors vary based on size. 

4 Reasons Why A Rental Motorhome Is Ideal For A Family Trip

There are so many reasons why a rental motorhome is nice for a fun trip, which includes but are not limited to: 

1. It’s One Of The Safest And Easiest Ways To Travel

Traveling in a rental motorhome is one of the safest ways to travel. You have your bathroom, a self-contained hangout space to hang out with your family, a kitchen to cook meals, and a bathroom. Due to concern around the spread of COVID-19, there are restrictions on flights, so let’s just say it’s safe to travel in an RV.

2. There’s A Rental Motorhome For Every Kind Of Family

There’s always an RV for every family – If you’ve got a big family, some motor homes offer big bathrooms, full-sized refrigerators, and sleeping options. All you’ve got to do is imagine what you’d like to do and where you’d like to go with your RV; with your family happy in it. 

Some companies offer super simple online search tools for families to find the right RV. You can filter your search based on the number of people, location, and type of RV – drivable, tow-behind, pet-friendly RVs, and more. You could also search for a specific model and make.

3. You Can Bring Your Toys

Some tent camping simply means you are limited to what you can fit at the back of the car; thus, excesses like kayaks and bikes are usually left at home. Traveling with an RV gives you extra space to stock things that you can take out to explore — the water and trails — when you arrive and whenever you want to. 

4. Cooking Is Super Easy In An RV

While camping, cooking requires a propane camp stove or a fire – both of which can be stressful and sometimes hard if there’s bad weather or wind. RVs offer indoor cooking choices that make cooking super easy. 

Conclusively, most rental motor homes have a small refrigerator to store and chill eggs, milk, etc. Some rental motor homes have microwaves.

4 Reasons Why A Rental Motorhome Is Ideal For A Family Trip

Buying a motorhome may cost a lot of money, so renting a one for a family trip is the most ideal option. Make sure to always use a protective cover to prolong its lifespan. This way, the family can enjoy traveling and camping without breaking the bank.