When traveling, people usually stay in hotels, inns, or rentals for their lodging. Depending on why you’re traveling, staying in such accommodations may be beneficial. However, you may not know that you can more benefits when you stay at luxury condos when you travel.

Whether you’ll rent or own one, luxury condos should be one of your choices for these reasons:

1. More Space

Whether you travel for pleasure or business, you get tired of all the preparation for the ride going to your destination. That’s why staying in a luxury condo will give you a space to relax and regain your energy. Especially if you’re traveling in groups, hotel rooms are not spacious enough to keep the group relaxed. You can find easily one by searching on timeshares.

Unlike cramped hotel rooms where you need to tiptoe at night to keep from waking up your little ones, you don’t have to do this when you’re staying in a luxury hotel. But when you’re staying in a luxury condo, you can keep them asleep while you grab a drink from the kitchen peacefully. Or watch some news on the TV.

Even if you’re alone, a luxury condo can give you enough space to breathe in and out. When you’re traveling for business, resting in a spacious luxury condo will unload any jetlag or tiredness from traveling. That way, you can have a renewed spirit to meet your clients.

2. Facilities to Enjoy

Another reason why a luxury condo is a must when you travel is because of its existing facilities. Not only does your condo room have the latest interior and appliance, but the building has its gym, pool terraces, outdoor kitchens, bocce courts, luxe resort side, firepits, croquet, jogging area, and the like. Those are just common and few facilities you can find in a luxe condo unit.

Especially if you rent out or have a condo unit that’s dedicated to travelers, then the amenities can extend to pampering services. This is so because they want their clients to relax and enjoy every hour of their stay.

Luxury condos even offer a playroom for your children, a formal entertainment room for adults, and other facilities that will make them feel that the unit is an extension of their homes. With this, you and your children can enjoy the stay. If you’ve got a pet, then no worries as luxury condos offer pet services as well.

So instead of getting lost finding where to groom your pet, you can find one in your building. You can even leave your pet and enjoy the condo’s spa treatments or yoga studio. By then, you won’t waste time waiting, but live it to the fullest. Check out Koala and find the best luxury condo for your getaway!

3. Great Location

Besides the facilities, you can enjoy while staying in a luxury condo when traveling, the locations of most luxury condos are convenient. Since you travel to visit places and experience different sights, stay in a luxury condo. That way, you’re near transport services, parks, shopping malls, schools, and other tourist spots.

Especially if you’re staying in a place with limited time, you must be near social amenities to maximize your time. Moreover, luxury condos will call a cab for you if you’ve got no car. That way, you won’t have to stress out where to get a ride.

Sometimes, the location of luxury condos even allows you to walk going to where you want because they’re a few distances away.

It’s not only convenient in such a unit, but most luxury condos even have great views. Depending on the place, you can enjoy watching the beach or high scrapers over your condo unit. If none, most probably your condo unit’s facing its resort-like amenities. So, if you’re tired of exploring the place around your condo, you can enjoy sightseeing on your terrace.

4. Safety and Security

Most importantly, staying in a safe and secure lodging should be one of your priorities. When staying in a foreign place, you don’t know when a crime will occur or how safe you are while sleeping. Unless you do your research on the areas’ crime stats, staying in a luxury condo comes with tight security.

Since you’re paying a high amount, you’re also paying for your safety and security. Aside from the CCTVs installed on every floor of the building, expect that 24-hour security personnel is manning the building. That way, you can sleep soundly without any worries.

What’s more, your unit’s security access is not a door that criminals can bang and destroy. Some may need your fingerprint to access the room or your card key, which is with you, of course.

Travel and enjoy but keep yourself secured while resting in a luxe condo unit.


So, if you’re still in doubt about where to stay, a luxe condo should be on your list. Remember that traveling doesn’t mean just sleeping in a cramped room only to wake up unrested. With a luxury condo, you can enjoy your space where you can breathe and relax. You can even enjoy the condo’s amenities since it’s just a few floors below or above your unit.

Going to your destination is not even stressful as condo units are strategically located nearby social amenities. And after a day’s outing, you can soundly sleep in your unit as luxury condos have 24-hour and tight security.

What are you still waiting for?