Every once in a while, a friend may be the one suffering from a broken heart, but you can’t deny the fact that at this point, a person goes through an awfully tough time. But once miss-shattered-heart has emptied her gallon of tears, it’s time to move on, right?

Sometimes that may seem really far away. But guess what? You and your dear ones can help them by making their presence more beautiful than their past. But how do you make it possible when they’re just so miserable? Well, by making use of creativity, goodies, some tricks, and deceit to cheer them up instantly, of course! Let’s check out these fiery 4 methods that you can use to help your friend to overcome a broken heart.

friends having a good time

Did Someone Say Disney Movies with Ice Cream?

The amount of comfort that a Disney movie brings is unbeatable by anything else. No matter how old or young you are or irrespective of gender, these movies have the old-school charm that brings a smile to your faces. Make it more enjoyable with a tub full of their favorite ice cream, with the toppings they love. This holy combination is as unique and striking as your friendship. Even the darkest wounds can heal with this setup. Don’t forget to gobble a big spoon full of ice cream for some extra added effect when you see that your plan has succeeded. 

Nothing beats savory… chocolates!

Sick, well, sad, happy, angry, or just moody, no matter how weird someone’s emotions are at the moment, a pop of chocolate and the heart is back to stage A. Make it even more surprising for them by sending over a chocolate bouquet to your friend’s house — with a loving get well soon card. Upgrade it by customizing the bouquet with their favorite chocolates and flowers to let them know you really care about them and will always stand beside them.

friends having a good time

A Walk to Remember

Walking with your friend by the beachside or in a surrounding that brightens up their mood is the cheapest yet the most soul-soothing experience. It’s truly magical as the sun, sand, and sea, along with the sky and breeze, unite to cheer your friend up. The flow of conversations is entirely effortless, and so is the feeling of letting go. You can also carry a mat, some wine, cheese and have a small picnic set up to unwind on a much more relaxed note. They will indeed thank you for bringing their emotions to the surface in such an unconventional way.

Who wants to go on a vacation?

A remedy that even the most outstanding doctors swear by is a vacation. It does not have to be very lavish or exotic. Gather your closest pals, pack your cozy outfits and get set go. Meet new people, try painting, indulge in unique activities, or sit and chill with your favorite drinks. This vacation’s aim is healing, so it’s okay if you guys are unable to visit a lot of places or look your best; focus on relaxing. At the end of the day, if your friend can fall asleep as deep as the ocean, then kudos, you have made it.


A real heart-to-heart conversation and just letting your friend know that you are there by their side always is more than enough. Although all these aspects also help your friend learn that as opposed to the person who did not take much effort to make things work out, you would do it in a bat of an eyelid. It’s all about being there for people you love whenever they require your shoulder to lean on. Make sure to let them know that the sea is still full of fishes, and they can also dive.

Have you ever tried to mend a broken heart? Let us know which of these methods did you like the most.