Whether you’re planning a small event or a big bash, there are a lot of things to think about when hosting a party. For example, indoors or out? Summer evenings can be a wonderful time for an outdoor party, but in places like Miami, they may be doable all year long. What kind of food should you serve, and what about the decor?

While you could hire a party planner, the average cost for the service is $650, tacking on a significant amount to the total price tag. Instead, go the DIY route and upscale your next part using these four ideas.

The Venue

Obviously hosting a party at your home will save you on the cost of renting a venue, but you’ll need to think about important details, particularly indoor and outdoor space. Is there enough room for the number of guests? Don’t forget about parking either. No matter what the venue, space should be appropriate for the time of year – if it’s outside, how will inclement weather be accommodated? Alternatively, you can explore houses to rent for events to ensure ample space and accommodate your guests comfortably. For an upscale vibe, it’s important that the ambiance matches the theme – you may be able to use your own decor to create it.

Choose a Theme

Speaking of themes, upscaling your party means you’ll want to establish an overall theme. Once you’ve chosen a style, it will make it much easier to maintain a flow throughout. It will dictate the color palette, menus, and more, whether you’re thinking black-tie affair or a farm-to-table dinner. Make sure it suits the occasion according to the guests who will be attending. Steer away from anything controversial for a corporate event, or if there will be any children attending.

A dress code will immediately help set the theme – glamorous 1920s style, cocktail chic or black tie? Guests will immediately understand that the event is a more upscale one when provided with guidance on what to wear, so be specific with your dress code, providing suggestions if it’s not clear. Of course, the food should match the theme too – a great way to make appetizers fancier is to use decorative toothpicks and/or anything that requires a skewer.

Music and Dancing

Music is a must for any party, and whether you hire a live band or a DJ, you can upscale it and make it a whole lot more fun by getting everyone out on the dance floor. Professional dancers for hire can help ensure your guests aren’t just standing around but getting into the groove. Musicians can also be a great backdrop during cocktail hour while complementing dinner.


Finally, lighting is key, with the ability to totally transform the feel and look of a space whether it’s inside or out. Ever think about why fine dining restaurants usually have an amber glow? It helps everyone look younger. You can do just that by adding lots of candles in all shapes and sizes. For an outdoor patio, casual cafe lights strung across offer a romantic, warm glow.