Of all the forms of transport when it comes to holidays, a boat is one of the best choices available. Opt for an action-packed, adrenaline-fueled adventure or lazy days spent relaxing under balmy skies on the deck. Whatever your style, there are many benefits to choosing to take your next vacation onboard. There’s something for everyone, affording holidaymakers incredible flexibility and choice.


The oceans and lakes are large, and there’s plenty of space to accommodate all preferences of holiday type. As well as a vast choice of boat types, there’s a dazzling array of destinations available for seafaring holidaymakers. Take your pick from vessels that range from a two-berth sailing yacht to a floating resort aboard a cruise ship. See your own country from a different angle or go further afield and experience new locations.

Water Sports

If you’ve always loved heading out onto the water and having fun, a sailing holiday cranks the water fun up several notches. Pack water toys like the jet ski, Ronix wakesurf board, or inflatable water slide on board, ready to take out and enjoy in several stunning locations. Take advantage of diving off the side of the yacht almost anywhere for swimming and snorkeling daily. When you’ve had enough of being in the water, enjoy a different type of activity with fishing, all from the comfort of your holiday home.


Staying on a boat affords a freedom that staying in hotels can’t provide. If you decide your current location isn’t pleasing, it’s simple enough to pull up the anchor and move elsewhere. And because you’re settled on the boat for the duration of the stay, moving location doesn’t require packing bags between stops. Just sit back, enjoy the view, or even take a nap while in transit.

Connect With Nature

There is something special about seeing sea creatures in their natural environment, and what better way to get close than on a boat? Sea creatures are largely unpredictable, so spotting them can be unpredictable, but that only makes it even more special when they appear. Seeing a curious seal during breakfast or spotting a pod of dolphins while cruising will become a cherished memory. Enthusiasts can even choose to incorporate visiting known siting stops into the itinerary.

Meet New People

Traveling by boat is a wonderful way to meet new people and experience different cultures. Taking a working holiday as part of a yacht crew lets you spend time with like-minded folk from around the world. Unlike other industries, quarters are close onboard such boats, so you’re guaranteed to get to know your shipmates well. 

For a more relaxed experience, many cruise companies offer packages designed to get people socializing. You may decide a singles cruise is an exciting option for meeting someone special. Or stave off retirement loneliness with an over 60’s trip.

Due to the flexibility of boat travel, there are many benefits to choosing a boating holiday. So, if you’re looking for excitement, a relaxed journey, or getting close to nature, make sure to book your next vacation aboard a boat.