There are fewer and fewer homes being built with fireplaces than ever before. This might seem strange since a fireplace can add comfort and charm to any space. However, since every home has heating in the form of a furnace, a fireplace no longer serves a practical purpose. Plus, many homes in the United States are located in places with very little need for heating. 

However, it’s an unfortunate trend because a fireplace can offer so much to a home. If you are having a new house built or trying to think of ways to upgrade and renovate your current one, then a fireplace is a great option. Here are five benefits of installing a fireplace. 

The Look

Have you ever walked into a room with a gorgeous fireplace? Then you know how much the eye can be drawn to them. A well-made and aesthetically pleasing fireplace is the centerpiece of any room. Now there are so many design options that there is no doubt one will work for the space you are considering. You can go with a sleek and modern look or a brick design for a rustic feel. The sky’s the limit. 

Living in a home means having more than a roof over your head. It means feeling comfortable and enjoying the look and feel of your space. But, of course, you want every room to look its best, and a fireplace could be the missing piece to pull a room together. Plus, it makes for a fascinating conversation starter for anyone you are entertaining in your home. 


Who doesn’t want a way to heat their home more affordably? A fireplace can do that for you. They give off enough heat to provide warmth and comfort on a cold or cool day, but they don’t overwhelm the home. You can choose a classic wood-burning option or a modern gas fireplace. Either one will give off a warm glow and affordable heat when you need a refuge. 

You might think that a wood-burning fireplace is the best option for those looking to protect the environment. However, this is not entirely true. Burning wood can increase your carbon footprint, which we are all looking to avoid. A gas-powered fireplace can give off the same look and feel while being better for the environment. It is safer, too. Talk to a hearth & fireplace installer in Frostburg, MD, to review your options. 


Modern technology and design have made it so that you can have a fireplace in any room and with any design theme. For example, you can have a small brick fireplace in your living room. Some homeowners want a long fireplace that runs the length of a wall or is visible both inside and outside. These are just two examples. You can have a fireplace in your bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom. Instead of lighting candles and placing them around the bathtub, why not have a fireplace installed for some easy, ready-to-go ambiance whenever you want it? Fireplaces are a powerful design choice that can be used in any situation and to suit any taste. 

Home Resale Value

When homeowners make additions or updates to their homes, they always want a return on that investment while also adding something they enjoy.  A fireplace is a perfect way to do that. A fireplace will add value to your home and provide potential buyers with yet another component that will get them to raise their asking price. A fireplace can be included in your advertisements and postings about the house sale and will draw more prospects to your home. When people think of their dream homes, they often have a fireplace for all the reasons mentioned above. Even if you don’t plan on living in your house much longer, installing a fireplace could be the perfect addition to make your home more valuable and make it easier to sell. 

The Vibes

A fireplace can add that special something to any space. We’ve all seen classic movies where the main couple shares a romantic evening in front of the fireplace. Or, there’s Christmas morning ready to open presents, with the fireplace burning and everyone in their pajamas. An outdoor fireplace can be a gathering place for friends and family to laugh and enjoy each other’s company. A fireplace adds to the personality and feel of a time and the space where it is installed. It may not be something you can put your finger on, but a fireplace adds to the vibe, no matter where it is. 

There’s no reason not to get a fireplace for your home. They are easy to install and more affordable than ever. Survey your home to determine where the best place would be, and contact a professional to make your fireplace dream a reality.