Water is life. Living near water is just as good as drinking it. It sounds unreal.

Continue reading to find out the numerous benefits of living near water. You’ll be surprised by how much you are missing out on. 

Most people are aware of the positive mental effects of living near water—The beautiful scenery and the overall feeling of happiness come with spending time on the beach. 

However, very few are aware of the infinite benefits it has on the body. 

Don’t worry; you’ll be enlightened. You’ll find out how living near water can help transform your mind and body. 

Romantic Couple Enjoying Sunset at Beach House

1. It relaxes your mind

Have you ever heard of the “Blue mind?” It’s a state of peace that comes upon us whenever we are exposed to water. 

We know it sounds like a mystic idea, but there is a lot of science behind it.

First, water makes up for 70% of our bodies. Maybe it’s just an inbuilt longing for the source. 

In this day and age, we have easy access to water. All you have to do is open a tap, and you will have an “endless” supply of water. Maybe that is the reason we take it for granted. 

Read through history, and you’ll discover that water sounds are mediums of meditation.

Science tells us that the rhythmic sounds and movements of the ocean waves have a way of syncing with our brains’ neuron waves. The result is a calm and peaceful experience. 

In addition to that, research has also proven that the very sight of natural water is enough to calm your mind. It stimulates your brain to produce neurochemicals that encourage blood flow to your heart and brain. From there on, you experience natural peace and relaxation. 

Imagine spending your evenings staring at the watery sunset as it reflects on the ocean waters. Just the thought of it is enough to calm a stressed mind. 

Are you into the creative business? Living near water will drastically boost your creativity. Staring into the endless blue has the power to awe you and open your mind to the treasures of the universe. 

Just ask any Ontario resident! Canada’s most populous province is home to more than 250,000 lakes comprising roughly 20% of the world’s freshwater.

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2. It boosts your immune system

Now, we are talking about the physiological benefits of living near water. It has the power to boost your immune system and improve your resistance against bacteria and viruses.

We’ve just talked about the relaxing effect of living near water. Did you know that a stress-out mind leads to a low immune system? The stress hormones break down your body’s defense and leave it open to bacteria and viruses. 

Did you also know that living near water can help increase your white-blood cells?


The plants near water produce chemicals called phytoncides. When you breathe in these antimicrobial chemicals, they help increase the number of your white-blood cells. You’ll no longer be vulnerable to diseases. 

A better immune system increases your chances of a longer life. Doesn’t that sound good?

We are not kidding. Did you know that most of the longest-living human beings throughout history resided near oceans?

3. There are so many fun activities to enjoy

Living in a landlocked city or town limits the number of activities you can partake in and enjoy. 

Living near water suddenly allows you to partake in a lot of fun activities. Not only that, but you’ll also come into contact with water and benefit from all its numerous advantages.

Swimming alone has so many health benefits. It’s a good form of exercise that isn’t overly tiresome. Swimming can work wonders for all the joint and muscle pain you’ve been experiencing for years. 

Did you know that seawater can help improve your skin?

Magnesium is a mineral known for its ability to moisturize and reduce skin inflammation. In fact, people suffering from skin-related conditions like eczema are advised to swim in salty water.  

Besides swimming, there are so many other activities you can take part in as you appreciate mother nature’s gift to us. 

You can go fishing, surfing, or you can take peaceful walks on the shore. All this is good for your mind and body. Just remember to stay safe. 

Woman enjoying walking up by the water

4. Better sleep

As mentioned earlier, living near water will lead to a calm and relaxed mind. With a calm and relaxed mind, you’ll be able to sleep in peace. 

For most of us, plenty of good night’s sleep is a rare commodity. The statement is mostly true for those who live in busy towns and cities. 

Tell us, how can you sleep with the constant sound of speeding vehicles and busy streets? In the end, we get out of sync with nature. 


Living near water exposes you to “white noise.” This natural noise will push away your stress and calm your mind. You’ll sleep like a baby.  

That’s not all. There are special anti-stress minerals present in the sea air. In addition to that, sea air also possesses negative ions that improve the brain’s oxygen circulation.

Remember when we talked about the health benefits of swimming in natural water bodies like oceans?

The salt in ocean water helps reduce depression and anxiety by preserving the serotonin, melatonin, and tryptamine in our bodies—You’ll enjoy spending time on your bed. 

5. You get closer to nature

Living near water ensures you remain in tune with nature—That’s the most important thing. 

We have detached ourselves from nature and become too busy and dependent on artificial things. Hence, we’ve become afflicted with numerous mental and physiological problems.  

Throughout history, water remains to be the most crucial medicinal component. After all, water is abundant on planet Earth. What more could we ever ask for?

There are a lot of benefits of living near water. We can’t mention all of them. It’s up to you now to discover the magic that comes with being one with nature (Being one with the elixir of life).