According to the NHTSA, someone is involved in an accident in the United States every 60 seconds. You might assume that their frequency means everyone knows what to do when one happens, but that’s not always the case. 

If you have never been involved in an accident before, it can be easy to make mistakes that may impact a future injury claim. Before that happens, learn about what some of these mistakes can be. 

Downplaying or Underestimating Your Injuries

After being involved in a car accident, your chosen Sarasota car accident lawyer has an important job to do. They must present a solid case to ensure you get the settlement figure you deserve for medical care, pain and suffering, and more. 

That could be an increasingly tricky task if you underplayed or underestimated your injuries at the accident scene. Adrenaline may have masked some of your symptoms, or you simply failed to receive medical care immediately. Both of these errors in judgment may make it easier for insurance companies to claim that any injuries you’re experiencing, such as back pain, don’t relate to your accident. 

Telling the Insurance Company Too Much

Even though insurance companies are there to offer financial protection, they are still in the money-making business. As a result, their kind words post-collision can be a front for getting as much information from you as possible before you’ve sought legal advice. 

Even though you may be under a great deal of stress, don’t give them more details than they need to know. Simply telling them you’ve been involved in an accident in a particular place at a specific time can be enough of a starting point before letting your legal team take care of the rest. 

Waiting Too Long to Take Action

Time can count against you in a personal injury claim. To claim for medical expenses, Florida statutes dictate that you must do so within 14 days of the accident. In most situations, you then have four years from when your accident happened to file a personal injury claim. 

To put you in the best possible position to receive the compensation you deserve, don’t wait to take action. As soon as you can, contact a car accident lawyer for help and advice on what to do next. 

Admitting Fault

Even if you think you are at fault, it’s important not to say that you are. There may have been more factors at play in the collision than you realized at the time. Instead, remain silent about what you suspect to be the cause. Otherwise, your early admission may impact your future personal injury claim when it’s later found you weren’t to blame. 

Settling Too Quickly

Insurance companies rarely put their best offer on the table first during settlement negotiations. Instead, they may be more likely to slow down the process and offer enough money to tempt you into settling to avoid financial ruin. Even if the bills are piling up, talk to your lawyer about the best approach. They can advise on when the right time to settle can be or whether it’s in your best interest to take your case to trial. 

There’s no shame in not understanding what to do in the aftermath of an accident. Most people may hope they never have to learn. However, by being aware of some of the most common mistakes, you may be in a better position to avoid making any of them yourself if the worst should happen.

| Picture: Nate Isaac