Applications essay is a statement of purpose that is usually required by a college or university during the admission process. Sometimes it is challenging for students to write a perfect paper that fulfills all the application requirements.

With that in mind, PerfectEssay is giving you some great, powerful, and creative ideas to work on. These ideas, or alternatives, should be discussed with your college or university beforehand. It has been seen that not all institutes accept these forms yet, so it is better to check with the relevant department.

The video form

You might find the college application writing an old-fashioned way of doing things. You can follow the new trends of today, which is a video. If you are the person who has the confidence to express himself in front of the camera, go for it.

A video is one of the most used ways to express your interest in something. This also helps the viewer to determine the kind of personality you have positively. It also has a strong sense of emotive attached to it and is amongst great alternatives in this area. This also requires careful planning of what you are going to say in front of the camera. Blunders or lack of planning can ruin things and create a negative impression.

Once your college application video is ready, you can share its YouTube link with the relevant person.

Writing/Literary pieces

Instead of writing long essays for college applications, you can choose to send your writing portfolio to the college. Writing a portfolio means the piece of work you have previously done. This work can include your creative writings such as poems, short stories, screenplays, etc. Make a small collection out of this what you think is your best work and post it. The key here is to ensure you are ticking all the boxes of requirements on admission application with your literary work.

This will not only save you time from writing a creative college application essay; it will also present you as a creative person in front of the admission team. If you happen to send the message across nicely, you are all set for the admission.

Exploring visual arts

“If you are still unsure what to do, the art portfolio is amongst best creative alternatives to essays,” said Jon Hamilton, a professional academic writer at PerfectEssay. It does not matter what art form you are interested in and have the skills to portray your image. You can be a photographer, a painter, or even be interested in another kind of visual arts.

The other forms of visual art can include drawing, printmaking, filmmaking, sculpture, and design. We have discussed the video above already.

An interview may be the best option

If you do not have knowledge or skills in writing a college application essay, do not worry. You can always call the admission office to arrange a one-to-one interview. The technique of the interview is still valid and relevant, even after being centuries old.

Perhaps you are the person who likes to interact with other people’s lives. This allows you to express yourself and answer any question a counselor may have. It is only an interview that will enable you to be spontaneous and counter-question the counselor, positively.

Have you seen the examples of creative college application essays? The advent of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) software such as Skype and FaceTime have made interviewing more relaxed and more convenient. If you cannot show up, just let the admission team know so they can arrange your interview over the computer.

Working on another innovative idea

The above list is not an exhaustive list of the alternatives to college application essays though it covers many areas. If you have any novel idea, it is welcomed as long as it covers the aspects outlined in the admission application.

What are the best essays for college applications? Whatever idea you choose, please ensure it is of a proper length and is relevant. Remember, the whole idea behind the innovative process is to impress, and you do not want to achieve the opposite. Also, it is essential to let the counselor know what you are working on, so no unpleasant surprises arise for both parties.

Above, we discussed some wonderful ideas that can replace the conservative form of the application essay. These ideas have so much potential in them for a student to explore. They can help a candidate to be more creative yet staying relevant.

These ideas, with the conjunction of another opinion, can be used to impress the admission team to secure a place. Remember, whatever plan you go along with should be the one you are fully confident with. If you happen to miss the mark, say in your video, you may not get a second chance to correct it. So, a well-directed thought behind any idea is required before implementing it.