Do you wish to wax but are confused about which one to opt for? Do not worry! We have all that you need to know for your next hair-removal adventure. 

Waxing is a thorough process of applying a necessary amount of wax over the areas of the skin where hair removal is intended. The hair then latches onto the strip and is finally yanked off the skin using a wax strip or a piece of cloth.

Waxing also represses the ability of hair growth over the waxed areas, which is the main reason behind its popularity, even though the procedure can be somewhat painful. One can wax any part of the body below the nape, including the groin zone. Also, women irritated with facial hair can choose to wax it off. 

Here is a list of 5 types of waxing, along with advantages, that you can do as per your requirement:-

Hot Wax

The wax is heated to a considerate temperature, and then the melted liquid of paraffin or beeswax is applied over the skin. Then, a cloth, preferably made of muslin, is pressed over the same area. Once the wax cools off, the strip is pulled off with the wax, getting rid of the hair. 


  • Even if it is a pretty painful process, this form of waxing has been undertaken by most because of the effective hair removal at one go. 
  • It is best suited for sensitive skin and opens up the skin pores because of the warmth emanating from the wax. 

cold waxing

Cold Wax

The opposite of heat wax involves applying Cold wax in semi-solid form over the skin area where hair removal is required. The substance then latches itself on the hair, and the strip is used to rub them for a few minutes before pulling off in the direction of hair growth. 


  • A tidy process. 
  • The hair is removed quickly and can even be done from the cozy rooms of your house. 
  • An economical method that rewards glowing skin as a result. 

Sugaring Wax

It uses natural ingredients like lemon extract, water, honey, and sugar to make a sticky, pasty substance. 

The paste is then heated to a specific temperature before applying over the area where hair needs to be removed on the skin, mainly the sensitive regions for removing the pubic hair. 


  • The skin has a naturally ethereal glow. 
  • Easy removal of persistent hair with all-natural ingredients
  • Prominent for bikini waxing as it utilizes purely natural elements and has absolutely no side effects.

Soft Wax

A light layer of wax is applied over the area where you wish to remove hair, mainly on the broader and larger areas. It is known as ”strip waxing” because a strip is used for removing the hair. The wax utilized here is available with a consistency of honey. 

After application, the area is then covered with a soft muslin cloth and later on stripped off along with the wax and hair. 


  • Best suited for larger areas like underarms, the entire length of arms and legs. 
  • It does not cause any redness or probability of tears on the skin post waxing. 
  • Also, the process is as simple as a cakewalk that you can do at your home.
  • It does not pose the threat of any side effects and inhibits the growth of new hair. 

Hard Wax

In this, a thick layer of wax of heated wax is applied to the skin area. Hard waxing is ideal for removing hair from sensitive areas. After the application of wax, the wax is allowed to cool down. 

It can be called ”strip-less waxing” because the wax is so highly dense that after cooling, the thick wax can be skillfully pulled out by bare hands removing the hair all the way. 


  • No need for strips, and it is beneficial for sensitive skin. 
  • Best suited for Brazilian wax to remove pubic hair. 

Have you heard of Brazilian wax and wondering what is a Brazilian wax”? In this type, the pubic hair is removed from your private area—using hard wax. This form of waxing has become a trend, especially with the increase of hair removal products.