Just like the swiss try to perfect their cheese and the french try to perfect their perfume, Italian coffee beans are paramount in flavor thanks to the careful process that Italians go through to produce the best coffee beans. Italians refer to their coffee shops as “bars” where they drink espressos almost as often as others would drink water. Their passion for this everyday drink is why they are considered to be connoisseurs of the coffee world. Here are 5 reasons why coffee should be added to your traveling:

It lightens your mood.

Coffee curbs depression makes you feel happier about your surroundings, especially when you are out traveling. It triggers your dopamine and increases your endorphins, so you’re in a better mood while sightseeing and taking in your surroundings. 


Stopping by a coffee shop during your travels is a great way to take your mind off things like not finding the places you are looking for or not understanding everything when you are out traveling in a foreign country. You can take the time to enjoy a good cup of coffee while you people watch and take in the environment around you. You might meet new friends, or you might learn some new words in a foreign language. 

coffee drinking is good for travelers


Coffee is and always has been one of the best drinks to have to kick start any day and a good cup of coffee before you start your travels for the day. What you want to aim for is a good roast and Italian coffee beans not only offer you lower acidity levels which will make your body feel better, but it also lingers on the pallet for much longer than other roasts. It makes you feel more alert and aware, and these are great things to feel when you are out traveling, especially in a country that is foreign to you. 

Improves physical performance

You will need all the energy you have to explore museums, antiques, and the daily life of the country or city that you are visiting, and having the energy to walk around all day is essential. Walking around can be so much more exciting than driving, and a good energy boost will make you feel that much better about your trip. 

It can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Coffee is one of the only beverages that can be enjoyed hot or cold on a trip. Whether you are in the car on a long road trip or walking around a beautiful city, sightseeing and enjoying the scenery, a hot cup of coffee on a travel break or a cold ice coffee on a walk can be perfectly enjoyed, it. 

Most people who enjoy traveling find themselves having some downtime at a coffee shop, and from these great adventures come great stories. Next time you’re traveling, make sure to find a little hidden gem where you can try a variety and make some pleasant memories along the way.