Your bedroom is where you spend the majority of your time at home. Some designers might prioritize other living spaces, like the kitchen or family room, because that’s where guests are entertained and memories are made, but there’s a lot to be said about where you rest your head at night.

Those eight hours every night play a huge role in your overall health. You need to be well-rested in order to charge each day with full vigor, but sound sleep also promotes better focus, enhanced memory, improved mood, and healthier skin.

You do more than just sleep in your bedroom, though. It’s where you get dressed every morning and open the door to present yourself to the world, putting your best foot forward. It’s also the location where you can sneak off to and decompress whenever you need to indulge in a moment of Zen during a hectic day.

Ultimately, your bedroom is what makes you you, and for that reason, we think it takes top priority when it comes to filling it with items to pamper yourself with. Pick up these items to lay in the lap of luxury and live the lavish lifestyle.

1. Voice Assistant

Want to turn on the lights without lifting a finger? How about controlling the music with the sound of your voice? Then you need an Amazon Alexa or Google Home to execute all your daily tasks—and then some.

Ask for the weather report before picking out your outfit for the day, so you know how warm to dress and set an alarm at night just by saying, “Wake me up at 8:00 AM”. These intelligent devices can pair throughout the rest of your home, so you can use it to send messages to other rooms, whether that may be to your teenage son who’s late for dinner or your husband working on a project out in the garage. Once you experience the convenience, these offers and how effortless they make the completion of everyday tasks.

2. Premium Bedding

Quality sleep comes from quality bedding, so cut no corners when shopping. If you’re going to splurge on anything, then invest in the secret to success: sleep. Rest is the number one way to feel energized throughout long days at work and hectic nights at home. Plus, if you struggle with back pain and achy joints, then a premium mattress could be just the trick you need to alleviate your woes.

Memory foam mattresses are the way to go for plush, cloud-like comfort unless you’re looking for something a little firmer for more support—in that case, a hybrid option is best. But remember to tend to all aspects of your bedding, not just the mattress, to promote your best night’s rest. That means purchasing silky soft sheets (Egyptian cotton is ultra-premium) and a cooling mattress protector that helps regulate heat overnight.

couple enjoying time in their newly refurnished bedroom

3. Rotating Watch Display Box

Any man or woman living in luxury is bound to own at least a couple of designer timepieces to accessorize with. Put them on display in a rotating watch box to appreciate them in all their beauty. These boxes are functional as much as they are aesthetically pleasing; they rotate automatically to ensure the watches’ battery doesn’t die. That way, whichever sophisticated accessory you decide to wear for the day will be ready to go and reflect the accurate time.

4. Fine Artwork

Even though you might not frequently invite guests into your bedroom, it doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the interior design. Turn the space into a personal oasis that you love to lounge in by adding fine artwork above the bed, or decorate with ornate furniture pieces carved in exquisite detail. You can find plenty of online artisans who can commission a painting or carving to your exact preferences so that you know your taste is perfectly suited.

5. Silk Sleepwear

There’s no better way to end the day than by sliding into silk sleepwear and drifting off to sleep. This is a luxury you have to experience to understand—the threads are so soft that they feel more like a second skin than pajamas.

Once you transform your bedroom, you might be surprised how your life transforms in response.